Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Does Rick Joyner Really Believe?

In Morningstar Ministries Statement of Faith, Joyner writes:

Jesus was born of a virgin, by the seed of the Holy Spirit. His virgin birth is a testimony that only the Spirit can beget that which is Spirit. Those of the new creation are not solely of human origin, but are born from above by the Holy Spirit. The resurrection of Jesus' physical body after His crucifixion was literal, as will be the resurrection of both the just and the unjust on the Day of Judgment.
However, in a book called There Were Two Trees In The Garden he writes:

Many who are born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit reflect no change in their approach to life. Though external behavior patterns may have changed, they continue to be primarily cognizant of the material realm. This may be due to the way they relate to Jesus. There is a tendency to continue relating to Him as "the MAN from Galilee." Jesus is not a man. He was and is Spirit. He took the form of a servant and became a man for a brief time. (Joyner, Rick, "The Antithesis to Babylon," in There Were Two Trees In the Garden, [Morningstar Publications] page 59)
So what does he believe - that Jesus disposed of His body after the ascension?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cults, Sects and World Religions

A while back I recommended the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cults, Sects and World Religions by Larry Nichols, George A. Mather and Alvin Schmidt. I also offered it for sale on this blog.

Since then I have had occasion to look at it in detail and check the facts on various entries. Although, overall, it is quite accurate, there was some sloppy research done on some groups that causes me to urge you to double-check the entries if you use it. Some mistakes are relatively minor. They list Tony Alamo's ministry as being Trinitarian, when in reality at times it can appear Trinitarian and other times Modalistic. The Christadelphians are listed as having 850 congregations with a total of 11,000 members. That would be 12 members per congregation. Most people put their membership at about 50,000 or more.

However, the sloppiest entry I saw was for Heaven's Gate. It lists co-founders Marshall Herff Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles dying in 1997, the year of the mass suicide. Having known her daughter, I know Bonnie Nettles died in 1985 of cancer and was thus not involved in the suicides. The Encyclopedic Dictionary also lists them as being married - they weren't. Finally, it lists the mass suicides as taking place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, when it was Rancho Santa Fe, California.

This book does have some excellent entries, especially on groups you see little other information on, and I wouldn't expect a book the size of the Encyclopedic Dictionary to be perfect; however, in the future I hope they can do better than they have done. Since I'm a stickler for accuracy (and lots of endnotes!), until these mistakes are corrected, I would urge caution in relying solely on the information in it. (P.S. Don't tell Mark - [inside joke!])

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Augsburg Confession on Celibacy

Pastor Don Engebretson over at Northwoods Seelsorger has an excellent post on Celibacy and the Roman Catholic Church to which I would like to add my two cents worth. I've been reading the new 2nd edition of "Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions - A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord," just released this month. On June 25th, 1530 the Augsburg Confession was presented to the Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Augsburg. The same problems that have arisen in the Roman Catholic Church today arose then and Article XXIII discusses the matter of "The Marriage of Priests:"

"Complaints about unchaste priests are common. Platina writes that it is for this reason that Pope Pius is reported to have said that although there are reasons why marriage was taken away from priests, there are far more important reasons why it should be given back....It is clear that in the Ancient Church priests were married men. For Paul says, 'An overseer must be the husband of one wife' (1 Timothy 3:2). Four hundred years ago in Germany, for the first time, priests were violently forces to lead a single life....This matter was handled so harshly that not only was marriage forbidden in the future, but existing marriages were torn apart, contrary to all laws, both divine and human.

"...Furthermore, God ordained marriage to be a help against human weakness. Canon law itself says that the old rigor ought to be relaxed now and then, in these latter times, because of human weakness. We wish this would also be done in this matter. We expect that at some point churches will lack pastors if marriage continues to be forbidden.

"While God's commandment is in force, and the custom of the Church is well known, impure celibacy will cause many scandals, adulteries, and other crimes that deserve punishment from just rulers. In light of all this, it is incredibly cruel that the marriage of priests is forbidden. God has commanded that marriage be honored. Marriage is most highly honored in the laws of all well-ordered commonwealths, even among the heathen. But now men, even priests, are cruelly put to death, contrary to the intent of canon law, for no other reason than that they are married. Paul, in 1 Timothy 4, says that a doctrine of demons forbids marriage (vv. 1:3). This is clearly seen by how laws against marriage are enforced with such penalties." (Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions - A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord, Second Edition, Concordia Publishing House, 2006, pages 46-47)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Zoo: Not Just For Children Anymore

Now that it's a no-no to criticize and "judge" homosexuality, it's the next logical step on that slippery slope to anything-goes. See First Things' (ed. Richard Neuhaus) article "Zoos: Not for Children Anymore."

Monday, January 22, 2007

Rounding Up the New Agers

Now that Carlton Pearson has embraced the "gospel" of inclusion, he is now able to attract a star-studded array of celebrities for his conferences. Coming May 8-12th is his "Inclusion and Sacred Activism Conference 2007." According to Pearson's website, the purpose of the conference is:

  • To expose people to the emerging wisdom of the Inclusive, collect mind
  • To encourage conference attendees to take a stand for progressive thinking and values
  • To galvanize a deeper connection between our spiritual practices and social action
  • To commit to building a global learning community relating to Inclusion Consciousness, Sacred Activism and the Emerging Wisdom Culture in America
  • To "merge intelligence and spirituality-wisdom and worship" for those seeking personal as well as professional transformation and self-actualization

Among the guests:

  • Lauren Artress*, Founder, Veriditas
  • Michael Beckwith, Pastor, Agape International Spiritual Center; Author, 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast and A Manifesto of Peace!
  • Marion Wright Edelman, Founder, Children’s Defense Fund
  • Riane Eisler*, Author, The Chalice and the Blade
  • Yvette Flunder, Pastor, City of Refuge, San Francisco
  • Chris Gardner, President and CEO of Gardner Rich & Co; Author, The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Bill Grace, Founder and Senior Affiliate, Center For Ethical Leadership
  • Jane Goodall, Primatologist
  • Andrew Harvey*, Fellow of All Souls College at Oxford University and award-winning author and editor of over 30 books, including The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi, The Direct Path and The Return of the Mother
  • Victor Hutchison, Director, Professor Emeritus, Oklahoma University; Director, Evolution List Serve
  • Robert Kennedy Jr.*, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Marlin Lavanhar*, Pastor, All Soul's Church, Tulsa
  • Sebastian Lantos, Governor's Hispanic Advisory Council and president of the Coalition of Hispanic Organizations;
  • Michael Lerner*, Director, Tikkun
  • Wilma Mankiller, former Chief, Cherokee Nation
  • Robin Meyers*, Mayflower Church, Oklahoma City; author, Why the Christian Right is Wrong
  • Carolyn Myss*, medical intuitive, teacher and the best-selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contracts and Invisible Acts of Power
  • Barack Obama, United States Senator
  • Victor Orta, President, Coalition for the American Dream
  • Carlton Pearson*, Pastor, New Dimensions, Tulsa; author, God is Not a Christian, Is There A Man in the House
  • Carter Phipps*, Senior Editor, What is Enlightenment? Magazine
  • Bruce Prescott, Executive Director, Mainstream Baptists of Oklahoma
  • Paul Ray*, author, The Cultural Creatives
  • Charles Sherman, Rabbi, Temple Israel, Tulsa
  • Sheryl Siddiqui, Director, Tulsa Islamic Society
  • William Sinkford*, President, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
  • William Tabernay, President, Philips Theological Seminary
  • Iyanla Vanzant, Inspirational Speaker; Author, Tapping the Power Within, Acts of Faith, The Value in the Valley, Faith in the Valley, In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want, and One Day My Soul Just Opened Up: 40 Days and 40 Nights Toward Spiritual Strength
  • Jim Wallace, Founder, Sojourner
  • Marianne Williamson, inspirational speaker and author of nine books, including the bestsellers A Return to Love and Everyday Grace.
  • Jeremiah Wright, Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago; Author, From One Brother To Another, What Makes You So Strong?: Sermons of Joy and Strength, and Blow the Trumpet in Zion!: Global Vision and Action for the 21st Century Black Church
  • John Wolfe, Minister Emeritus, All Souls Church, Tulsa
  • Stevie Wonder, musician.
  • Ben Zander*, Conductor, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
Unfortunately, it looks like his new ministry may thrive after all.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Psychic Unawareness

Sylvia Browne is one of the best-known "psychics" today, appearing frequently on Larry King Live and Montel Williams and other popular shows. Hopefully, she's ruined her career with this slip-up. From the New York Daily News:

Montel Williams' psychic pal Sylvia Browne told the family of missing Shawn Hornbeck he was dead shortly after the Missouri boy vanished - and later allegedly offered to help locate his body for $700 per half hour. The popular TV clairvoyant appeared on the "Montel Williams Show" in February 2003, four months after Shawn disappeared, and told Pam and Craig Akers she believed their son was "no longer with us."

She also advised that his body could be found in a wooded area 20 miles from their Richwoods, Mo., home, near two large jagged boulders.

Shawn, now 15, was found alive and well last Friday, living just miles away with a man now charged with snatching the boy when he was 11.

Browne's "vision" of his death caused search teams to redirect their efforts and drew dozens of calls from the public who believed they lived near the woods matching Browne's descriptions.

The family also claims the psychic then tried to cash in, which Browne vigorously denies.

Christian "psychics" have made similarly embarrassing announcements in the past. one even publicly accusing a teenager of having problems with pornography when he didn't. "Prophet" John Paul Jackson wants "prophets" to apologize when they make "mistakes." I don't think Kim Clement heard that statement from Jackson.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another Bakker Bites the Dust

Those of you who remember Jim Bakker may remember that he has a son, Jay, in the ministry. He is currently the subject of a Sundance Channel documentary "One Punk Under God." Unfortunately, he has drifted into serious error, as reported by Lee Grady:

In 2005 he was invited to speak at a conference hosted by Exodus International, a ministry that helps people leave the gay lifestyle. Just before the conference began, Jay was yanked from the schedule because he would not sign a form that said he agreed with Exodus’ theology and conservative values. Not too much later Jay let the world know what he really believes. He told Radar magazine: “This sounds so churchy, but I felt like God spoke to my heart and said [homosexuality] is not a sin.”

...In the TV documentary and other print interviews, Jay has made it clear that he embraces what he calls a “gay-affirming” gospel. He told Mother Jones magazine that he came to the conclusion that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle by “looking deeper in the Bible” and by visiting a gay-affirming church.

It's Time to Play "Name That Angel!"

Tired of hearing about the same old angels time after time? You know, Michael, Gabriel, and that's about it? I mean, there are zillions of angels in heaven and we only know the names of a couple of them!! But, fear not, the Elijah List Prophets have revealed a new angel to us! Click.


(Excerpt:) As I looked up, an angel came flying into the auditorium and appeared to hover right in front of me. It stopped in mid-flight and looked right at me. It was dressed in a glowing, white, and flowing garment with a gold sash from the right shoulder to the left waist. There were words written on the sash that stated, "Israel Awakening."

As soon as I read the name of the angel, it disappeared. Yet the presence of "divine knowing" lingered within me. This was another encounter to me personally and corporately to release the Mordecai anointing for such a time as this. A spirit of adoption seemed to be available from the Lord to help prepare the Body of the Messiah to fulfill her call in the Last Days.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

God Is Not In Control

This speaks for itself. From Creflo Dollar's January newsletter:

If God were truly running things on this Earth, do you think that the world would be in the terrible state that it's in? Wars, natural disasters, violent crime, death and destruction do not come from God. On the contrary, it is His desire to bless people and give them abundant life (John 10:10).

As long as Believers continue to think that God is in control of every situation they will continue to abdicate their God—given authority. Instead, they should exercise the dominion God has given to them through speaking the Word of God and praying. Doing this releases God to get involved in the affairs of men.

...Jesus was God, but He operated as a man while He walked the Earth. As a man, Jesus had total mastery over circumstances, situations and all the works of Satan. By dying on the cross, He became sin and was able to enter Hell in order to take back the authority that Adam gave away.
The old "Jesus did battle with the devil in Hell" argument embraced by Word of Faith teachers.

...This year, make a decision to use your God–given dominion. Do not be deceived by religion which tells you that "God is in control."
So who is in control, according to Scripture?:

"The LORD brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up. The LORD sends poverty and wealth; he humbles and he exalts. He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor. For the foundations of the earth are the LORD's; upon them he has set the world. He will guard the feet of his saints, but the wicked will be silenced in darkness. It is not by strength that one prevails" 1 Sam. 2:6-9

"When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chron. 7:13-14

"The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it." Psalm 24:1

"The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by hands. And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else. From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. 'For in him we live and move and have our being.' As some of your own poets have said, 'We are his offspring.'" Acts 17:24-28

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Same Old Thing at Brownsville

Some may remember the "Brownsville Revival" which occurred more than 10 years ago at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. With the passage of time and change in leadership I had been hoping that they would be a little more down to earth by now. They aren't!

The Training for Ministry Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn was a powerful time @ Brownsville Assembly of God....Benny Hinn Ministries will also be back for a Healing Crusade on Dec. 6 and 7 of this Year. It will be held at the Civic Center! For More information on Benny Hinn Ministries please visit

Monday, January 15, 2007

Calamity Ahead!!!

The Elijah List, which boasts a subscription rate of over 130,000 people, is, once again, warning of terrible things to come. Jeanette Reed writes:

Three years ago, the Lord showed me a vision of a time of calamity. This was part of a larger vision imparted two decades ago, during a visitation from the Lord Jesus. The larger vision was of a time when God would correct the church in a time of calamity to bring repentance, healing, and revival. The ending scene is of multitudes worshipping the Lord Jesus. What a beautiful sight! There will be a time of anointing for the church. The Lord will pour out His healing, and the gifts of the Spirit will be increased. The scene the Lord showed me for the time of calamity was of "a fire." A city lay in rubble and everything was gray. It came suddenly. Communication was gone, infrastructure was gone. I believe this is coming soon. I do not know if it is terrorist attack or natural disaster. But I hear the Lord saying, "It is coming."

The second part of the scene was of ports and cities. There were lines going from city to city. Multiple cities will be affected, and multiple cities will have places of refuge and relational connections of communities of faith. The third scene was of people walking across mountains and hills. There were places of safety and many came to faith along the way.

....He showed an army coming out of Russia/China and coming across the Middle East and into Africa. Then Africa was surrounded, and we could no longer get in. There was a treasure in the earth being dug up. I believe the current prompting for so many to reach the people groups of Africa is because the time is short.

The Lord said to beware a false peace treaty and to watch for Damascus. Many will be taken in by false teachings and turn away from Truth.
Sounds remarkably the way the supporters of Tim LaHaye/Hal Lindsey describe the end times, doesn't it, and not far from Pat Robertson's predictions for this year? Naturally, at the bottom of this page from the Elijah List is an advertisement for the Personal Survival Kit that we've mentioned before.

What Oprah Believes

Ever wondered what Oprah Winfrey believes? So have a lot of people. Terry Mattingly gives us an idea in Saturday's Boulder Daily Camera.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Break it Up, Kids

Things are a little quiet right now on the heresy front. So while we wait for something new, would someone please contact Rosie and Donald's parents to come and take them home? Thanks!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Clement: Death to Graham and Roberts

Once again, Kim Clement is prophesying death to Billy Graham and Oral Roberts this year. See December 30, 2006 prophecy. But, once again, the Elijah List, while giving an excerpt of this prophecy, which also says that Bush will not leave the White House in shame, refrains from reporting the deaths of Graham and Roberts (see Daily Prophetic Word for Jan. 11, 2007). I guess their motto is "All the News That's Fit to Print."


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Your Retirement Home Will Soon Be Ready!

Jim Bakker on Recent Visit to Heritage USA

Good news from Rick Joyner's organization:

The owners of a 21-story structure on the former PTL ministries site near Fort Mill say they now plan to convert the tower into condominiums.

Morningstar Ministries purchased the 50-acre complex, including the unfinished 500-room hotel tower, in December 2004. Church officials had told York County leaders the building would be torn down in two years. The County set a deadline of January 10, 2007.

Pat Selvey, construction manager for Morningstar, said plans for the property changed about 9 months ago when engineering firm Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates declared the unfinished hotel structurally sound. Morningstar now hopes to convert the tower into condominiums marketed to retirees. Morningstar CEO Rick Joyner said he was surprised by the findings of engineer Jack Horner.

...York County Planning Director Susan Britt said her office has not been formally notified of a change in plans for the property. Britt said the County approved a rezoning request for the 50-acre Heritage International site in January 2005 with a condition that the hotel be demolished. Britt said a notice of violation could be filed as early as Thursday. Penalties could include a fine of $465 per day for each violation.

Being a prophet, however, I'm sure Joyner already knows that things will turn out in their favour. I wonder why he didn't know the structure was sound?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Bulletin: God Denies Talking to Pat Robertson!!

Yes, you heard right. Click God Denies Conversation for this important story!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weigh Down Workshop

A countercult organization called Spirit Watch Ministries is finding itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit by Gwen Shamblin, founder of the popular Weigh Down Workshop. Weigh Down programs are found in many churches today, including conservative Lutheran churches!! Shamblin also heads up a church called Remnant Fellowship. The following statements are from their Web site and thus cannot be denied by them and should be sufficient information for anyone knowledgable in Christian doctrine to accurately assess them. Perhaps some Lutheran officials can explain why this program is tolerated in Lutheran churches today. From

  • Most of us have grown up in a counterfeit church.
  • The true church gets all energy, money, and love from God and therefore wants no sinners in the church because of fear that God would leave them.
  • The TRUTH is that anyone who continues in sin is not even born again! (1 John 3:6-10)
  • Three hundred years past the death of Christ, a council met in Nicea, and they started developing a totally new concept that was both foreign to the Jews and the early Christians.
  • This man-made creed, now known as “the trinity”...Prior to the release of the “god-head” trinity statements, there were no books written on the essence of God, nor were there any controversies, for everyone knew that God was God and that a Messiah would come. There was no discussion of three heads, three “persons” or three anything. God had never been referred to as a person or a “triune being.” There was no need for debate given that this concept never crossed anyone’s mind until 325 A.D. Since then, there have been volumes written to try to explain this new creed.
  • ...even today one is still labeled a “cult” if you do not believe that there are three co-equal partners in one godhead – a description that is not found in the confines of Genesis to Revelation....However, the most hypocritical practice of all is that a man-made mystery and creed (created in 325 A.D. and not included in the Word of God) is the “critical doctrine” for deciding who is “in” or “out” of Christianity.
  • Neither the concept, nor term “god-head”, nor the concept or term “trinity” is found in the sacred scriptures.
  • John Chapter 10 tells the classic story of where the preachers of the day were going to stone Jesus for they thought He was claiming to be God, and yet Christ denied it and made it clear that He was only saying that He was the Son of God.
  • Repent now from believing that God and Jesus are the same being.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pat's Prophecy - In Detail

For the record, here are Pat Robertson's exact words about the pending terrorist attack:

Evil men, evil people, are going to try to do evil things to us and to others during the last part of this year. I don't know whether it will be in the Fall or September or later on, but it will be the second half of 2007. There will be some very serious terrorist attacks. The evil people will come after this country and there's a possibility that chaos - not a possibility, but a definite certainty - that chaos is going to rule....It's going to happen and I'm not necessarily saying nuclear. The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that, that will be mass killing, possibly millions of people, major cities, injured. I hope I'm wrong and I hope people will pray and that won't happen, but nevertheless that seems to be what's coming up. (700 Club, January 2, 2007)
Well, at least you've got an "out," Pat! If it doesn't happen, it's because enough people prayed!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Child Prophets and the Deaths of Billy Graham, Oral Roberts

Once again, Kim Clement is predicting the deaths of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts this year as well as the raising up of child prophets out of Oregon:

Hear the Word of the Lord: for every person in this building and shall go beyond this building, says the Lord of Hosts. Even as Oregon shall begin the new year bringing life to the children so a child-like faith shall be released on the earth beginning in this Nation, says the Lord. For even as you have heard and obeyed the Word of the Lord and said, "we will allow Oregon to release the first child prophets." So it shall be, so it shall be, so it shall be, so it shall be!

And God said, do not afraid for even as you chant and even as the new media have tried to manipulate, frighten you, so I want you to know the broadcast of Heaven, I want you to know the broadcast that is coming from Heaven being announced on every airwave, God said, it's going through satellites. Would you tell me that satellites control My universe? God said, watch what I do with two satellites, watch what I do for the sound and the light is beaming from this place. And God said, I'm sharing My secret with you. For even as you will begin, Oregon, you told Me as you spoke to the prophet that you will house the prophets. Steve Schultz has taken My heart and shared it with the world. I will multiply his finance. I will multiply his network. I will give him a satellite, says the Lord. It shall be a miracle but I will do it, says the Spirit of God. Yes I will do it!

...The first child prophets shall emerge from the soil of Portland, Albany - you shall grab a hold of children and suddenly churches shall be filled with children wanting more of Jesus, wanting more of God's power....Hear the Heavenly broadcast. I will take two satellites and beam light and God says, there shall be a network just for children which God says, I will cause My Word to be preached through the mouths of babes, says the Lord. Thank you Oregon, for allowing Me to raise children prophets like Samuel, like Daniel, like David, like Moses. I'm going to do it, says the Lord, therefore rejoice for you will receive the reward of the prophet and the reward of the Lord.

...Over the Christmas season do not fear when you hear rumors of war. What did I tell you? There shall be rumors of war. But God said, this war is now coming to a close. For it shall come to pass that a great statement shall be made over the season, over the holiday season going into the new year. For God says, watch now in the sky and watch the elements, I'm announcing this from the satellite and I'm announcing this that there is light about to be broadcast into the networks, says the Spirit of God. For I will raise up a child network just for children and I will raise up a prophetic network just for prophets. And God said, I shall cause Steve Schultz to be the head of this and it shall be done miraculously. And this children's network that shall be raised up shall cause the enemy to tremble and fear as he did in the time of Moses.

...God says, it shall come to pass, and you know it already that My great generals who have stood the test of time shall decree before they die "it is time for me, it is well with my soul." Billy Graham, I am calling you to be with Me that the earth may see the Lord in a greater way, for your death will not bring about tears, but your death will bring about the unveiling of the Lord high and lifted up. For your death shall not bring, your death shall not bring the closing of the eyes of a generation, but your death shall bring the raising up of great evangelists of this time, says the Lord of Hosts. Billy Graham, it is time, for you have said it yourself, for this day God says, as it comes to pass that you come to Me, as it comes to pass that soon Oral Roberts comes to Me, that I will take these and I will anoint the earth with a gracious, gracious double portion and they, the people shall see the Lord and He will be high and lifted up. (Portland, Oregon, Dec. 9, 2006, but posted this week)
Rest assured that if Steve Schultz starts a child network, Clement predicted it because it's already in the works. I have to wonder how Graham and Roberts would react if they saw their deaths predicted for this year?

Mass Terrorist Attack Coming!!! Millions Dead!!!

Pat Robertson is making his annual predictions:

In what has become an annual tradition of prognostications, religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Tuesday God has told him that a terrorist attack on the United States would result in "mass killing" late in 2007.

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting Network. "The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

Robertson said God told him during a recent prayer retreat that major cities and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack, which should take place sometime after September.

...In May, Robertson said God told him that storms and possibly a tsunami were to crash into America's coastline in 2006. Even though the U.S. was not hit with a tsunami, Robertson on Tuesday cited last spring's heavy rains and flooding in New England as partly fulfilling the prediction.

Some people just never learn! Actually, this prediction is good news because now we know it will never happen.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Having the Courage of One's Convictions

Lee Grady is the editor of Charisma Magazine. In his December editorial he wrote an excellent article on The Nativity movie. He writes:

"Unfortunately in today's church many of us have adopted Harod's values. We are impressed by fame, wealth and sophistication. We think God likes grand entrances, entourages and red carpets. We've been seduced by our celebrity-obsessed culture. Some misguided ministers have even reinvented the Christmas story to fit their self-centered theology.
"One prominent television preacher told an Atlanta newspaper recently that Jesus was actually very wealthy, and that He got much of His treasure from the magi when they visited Him as a Child." (J. Lee Grady, Charisma Magazine, December 2006, p. 6)
That preacher was Creflo Dollar in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on October 22, 2006. So, I browse through the rest of the magazine and what do I see on pages 46 and 47? - Two full-page ads for a new book by Creflo Dollar and a Creflo Dollar convention!

Lee, if you believe what you write, why do you keep promoting Dollar and other similar teachers on virtually every page of the magazine?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

“God’s Great Nature”

The presence of LCMS President Gerald Kieschnick notwithstanding, this float from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in the 2007 Rose Bowl Parade was refreshing in light of the overall theme of "Our Good Nature" with the lead-off float being one of Mother Nature. Have a great 2007!