Friday, January 19, 2007

Psychic Unawareness

Sylvia Browne is one of the best-known "psychics" today, appearing frequently on Larry King Live and Montel Williams and other popular shows. Hopefully, she's ruined her career with this slip-up. From the New York Daily News:

Montel Williams' psychic pal Sylvia Browne told the family of missing Shawn Hornbeck he was dead shortly after the Missouri boy vanished - and later allegedly offered to help locate his body for $700 per half hour. The popular TV clairvoyant appeared on the "Montel Williams Show" in February 2003, four months after Shawn disappeared, and told Pam and Craig Akers she believed their son was "no longer with us."

She also advised that his body could be found in a wooded area 20 miles from their Richwoods, Mo., home, near two large jagged boulders.

Shawn, now 15, was found alive and well last Friday, living just miles away with a man now charged with snatching the boy when he was 11.

Browne's "vision" of his death caused search teams to redirect their efforts and drew dozens of calls from the public who believed they lived near the woods matching Browne's descriptions.

The family also claims the psychic then tried to cash in, which Browne vigorously denies.

Christian "psychics" have made similarly embarrassing announcements in the past. one even publicly accusing a teenager of having problems with pornography when he didn't. "Prophet" John Paul Jackson wants "prophets" to apologize when they make "mistakes." I don't think Kim Clement heard that statement from Jackson.


At January 21, 2007 1:58 PM, Anonymous Carol Rutz said...

What?! A false prophet accused some kid of pr0n trouble? Have you a link to that? That's horrid and I hope the kid sued him for everything...and won.

At January 22, 2007 11:48 AM, Blogger The Heresy Hunter said...

It happened several years ago. I'll try to find the source for that this week and enter it in the comments field.

At January 22, 2007 5:42 PM, Blogger The Heresy Hunter said...

Carol. The story was told by "prophet" Jack Deere at the Toronto Airport Vineyard on November 20, 1994. The following is the transcript from the audio tape. Deere said, in reference to an unnamed prophet, "To that same prophetic minister who did that wonderful ministry that night on Sunday night, a few months later he's standing before a group of 800 kids -- 800 high school kids. And he starts out, he comes out on the stage, and he's humbled and he's a little bit frightened and kind of awed at the responsibility and he starts calling people out of the audience. And he starts getting it right and the people start oooing and awing, and his chest started coming out like this and you see this garment of pride come down, and then he calls out a young man, an 18yr old young man, 19yr old young man. And he says, 'You're into pornography. And the Lord says you have to repent.' The young man begins to cry. Sits back down. The only problem was, the young man wasn't into pornography. He was publicly humiliated before 800 high school kids. We had to go back to his church, apologize to his whole church, apologize to the whole conference. It was a horrible mess. I have an 18yr old boy, and if someone were to call my 18yr old son out and accuse him of something like that in a public meeting and humiliate him, I would be furious with him and I'm not sure I'd want, if that's all I saw of that ministry, I'm not sure I'd want that in my church. But do you know what? God is in the process of offending our minds in order to reveal our hearts. And I don't know any place where He's going to give us a pure ministry. I don't know any place where it's going to be 100 percent right. There's going to be stumbling blocks in every ministry that the Holy Spirit is really responsible for."

At January 24, 2007 11:35 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Holy Cow!

"God is in the process of offending our minds in order to reveal our hearts."

So God doesn't mind lying and making things up so long as it serves His purposes?

"There's going to be stumbling blocks in every ministry that the Holy Spirit is really responsible for."

The Holy Spirit is responsible for stumbling blocks in ministry?

That's blasphemy. Is this guy still alive? I'm surprised he hasn't been struck by a lightning bolt or something.


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