Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Your Retirement Home Will Soon Be Ready!

Jim Bakker on Recent Visit to Heritage USA

Good news from Rick Joyner's organization:

The owners of a 21-story structure on the former PTL ministries site near Fort Mill say they now plan to convert the tower into condominiums.

Morningstar Ministries purchased the 50-acre complex, including the unfinished 500-room hotel tower, in December 2004. Church officials had told York County leaders the building would be torn down in two years. The County set a deadline of January 10, 2007.

Pat Selvey, construction manager for Morningstar, said plans for the property changed about 9 months ago when engineering firm Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates declared the unfinished hotel structurally sound. Morningstar now hopes to convert the tower into condominiums marketed to retirees. Morningstar CEO Rick Joyner said he was surprised by the findings of engineer Jack Horner.

...York County Planning Director Susan Britt said her office has not been formally notified of a change in plans for the property. Britt said the County approved a rezoning request for the 50-acre Heritage International site in January 2005 with a condition that the hotel be demolished. Britt said a notice of violation could be filed as early as Thursday. Penalties could include a fine of $465 per day for each violation.

Being a prophet, however, I'm sure Joyner already knows that things will turn out in their favour. I wonder why he didn't know the structure was sound?


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