Monday, January 15, 2007

Calamity Ahead!!!

The Elijah List, which boasts a subscription rate of over 130,000 people, is, once again, warning of terrible things to come. Jeanette Reed writes:

Three years ago, the Lord showed me a vision of a time of calamity. This was part of a larger vision imparted two decades ago, during a visitation from the Lord Jesus. The larger vision was of a time when God would correct the church in a time of calamity to bring repentance, healing, and revival. The ending scene is of multitudes worshipping the Lord Jesus. What a beautiful sight! There will be a time of anointing for the church. The Lord will pour out His healing, and the gifts of the Spirit will be increased. The scene the Lord showed me for the time of calamity was of "a fire." A city lay in rubble and everything was gray. It came suddenly. Communication was gone, infrastructure was gone. I believe this is coming soon. I do not know if it is terrorist attack or natural disaster. But I hear the Lord saying, "It is coming."

The second part of the scene was of ports and cities. There were lines going from city to city. Multiple cities will be affected, and multiple cities will have places of refuge and relational connections of communities of faith. The third scene was of people walking across mountains and hills. There were places of safety and many came to faith along the way.

....He showed an army coming out of Russia/China and coming across the Middle East and into Africa. Then Africa was surrounded, and we could no longer get in. There was a treasure in the earth being dug up. I believe the current prompting for so many to reach the people groups of Africa is because the time is short.

The Lord said to beware a false peace treaty and to watch for Damascus. Many will be taken in by false teachings and turn away from Truth.
Sounds remarkably the way the supporters of Tim LaHaye/Hal Lindsey describe the end times, doesn't it, and not far from Pat Robertson's predictions for this year? Naturally, at the bottom of this page from the Elijah List is an advertisement for the Personal Survival Kit that we've mentioned before.


At January 28, 2007 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything at Elijah List revolves around how much money is coming in. Everything from recycled words with a different title to selling the latest greatsts fad to pay their payroll.
Pathetic...When we we ever see this is not only wrong its abominable


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