Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Child Prophets and the Deaths of Billy Graham, Oral Roberts

Once again, Kim Clement is predicting the deaths of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts this year as well as the raising up of child prophets out of Oregon:

Hear the Word of the Lord: for every person in this building and shall go beyond this building, says the Lord of Hosts. Even as Oregon shall begin the new year bringing life to the children so a child-like faith shall be released on the earth beginning in this Nation, says the Lord. For even as you have heard and obeyed the Word of the Lord and said, "we will allow Oregon to release the first child prophets." So it shall be, so it shall be, so it shall be, so it shall be!

And God said, do not afraid for even as you chant and even as the new media have tried to manipulate, frighten you, so I want you to know the broadcast of Heaven, I want you to know the broadcast that is coming from Heaven being announced on every airwave, God said, it's going through satellites. Would you tell me that satellites control My universe? God said, watch what I do with two satellites, watch what I do for the sound and the light is beaming from this place. And God said, I'm sharing My secret with you. For even as you will begin, Oregon, you told Me as you spoke to the prophet that you will house the prophets. Steve Schultz has taken My heart and shared it with the world. I will multiply his finance. I will multiply his network. I will give him a satellite, says the Lord. It shall be a miracle but I will do it, says the Spirit of God. Yes I will do it!

...The first child prophets shall emerge from the soil of Portland, Albany - you shall grab a hold of children and suddenly churches shall be filled with children wanting more of Jesus, wanting more of God's power....Hear the Heavenly broadcast. I will take two satellites and beam light and God says, there shall be a network just for children which God says, I will cause My Word to be preached through the mouths of babes, says the Lord. Thank you Oregon, for allowing Me to raise children prophets like Samuel, like Daniel, like David, like Moses. I'm going to do it, says the Lord, therefore rejoice for you will receive the reward of the prophet and the reward of the Lord.

...Over the Christmas season do not fear when you hear rumors of war. What did I tell you? There shall be rumors of war. But God said, this war is now coming to a close. For it shall come to pass that a great statement shall be made over the season, over the holiday season going into the new year. For God says, watch now in the sky and watch the elements, I'm announcing this from the satellite and I'm announcing this that there is light about to be broadcast into the networks, says the Spirit of God. For I will raise up a child network just for children and I will raise up a prophetic network just for prophets. And God said, I shall cause Steve Schultz to be the head of this and it shall be done miraculously. And this children's network that shall be raised up shall cause the enemy to tremble and fear as he did in the time of Moses.

...God says, it shall come to pass, and you know it already that My great generals who have stood the test of time shall decree before they die "it is time for me, it is well with my soul." Billy Graham, I am calling you to be with Me that the earth may see the Lord in a greater way, for your death will not bring about tears, but your death will bring about the unveiling of the Lord high and lifted up. For your death shall not bring, your death shall not bring the closing of the eyes of a generation, but your death shall bring the raising up of great evangelists of this time, says the Lord of Hosts. Billy Graham, it is time, for you have said it yourself, for this day God says, as it comes to pass that you come to Me, as it comes to pass that soon Oral Roberts comes to Me, that I will take these and I will anoint the earth with a gracious, gracious double portion and they, the people shall see the Lord and He will be high and lifted up. (Portland, Oregon, Dec. 9, 2006, but posted this week)
Rest assured that if Steve Schultz starts a child network, Clement predicted it because it's already in the works. I have to wonder how Graham and Roberts would react if they saw their deaths predicted for this year?


At January 04, 2007 8:11 AM, Blogger 318@NICE said...

Hey Bob,
You read one of the comments left on my post, "Perseverance." This guy is a wacko. Check out his sites and writings. He was trying to tell me that JEsus was a Wizard, who did magic and did not want rival wizards so that's why he wanted wizards stoned. You might find him interesting. By the way, he claims that he is a lunatic, but then in the same breath he says, "So was Jesus."


At January 04, 2007 11:36 AM, Blogger The Heresy Hunter said...

I saw his website at the time. I didn't know if he was serious or just joking.

At January 06, 2007 12:28 PM, Blogger Mike Messerli said...

whatever happened to investing your life in the gospel, spending time in the word, growing in faith?

now they don't even need the bible, they have revelations.

I'll pass, thank you. I think I'll just continue to read the word, grow in faith, and let God speak to me through his word.

This new movement of revelation apart from the word of God will produce nothing but cults and heresy!

At January 08, 2007 2:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clement already met with Billy Graham and Oral Roberts last year...didn't you know that? Why don't you write to these two GREAT men and post thier responses on your blog?

At January 08, 2007 8:06 AM, Blogger The Heresy Hunter said...

Anonymous, 1. I wouldn't list Roberts as a "great man." 2. Do you think they would actually answer? 3. What does that have to do with Clement's long list of false prophesies?

At January 12, 2007 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you ever have anything good or uplifting to say? this is a just a question so pease don't accuse me of judging you. God help me if I judged anyone the way you do. do you ever pray for these people you critisize?

At January 12, 2007 9:27 PM, Blogger The Heresy Hunter said...

Actually, I've said very little about Kim Clement in this post. I've let his words speak for themselves. So are you of the school that says "Let's all just love in Christ and get along"? Would you disobey Scripture's clear teachings that we are to watch out for false teachers and teachings in the church and warn others about them, as Paul did? Would you prefer to remain silent and let the wolves flourish? What about Clement's multiple false prophesies in the past? Just honest mistakes? Should we just pray for him and let it go at that? I don't think so.


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