Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Christian Myths

I was watching Kenneth Copeland the other day and learned some fascinating information I didn't know before. Did you know that Jesus had to have faith that God would get Him out of Hell once He had been there paying for our sins long enough? Did you know that Copeland had a heavenly account in heaven in which were his future cars, airplanes and money? Did you know that Copeland is vowing to ride God's chariot across the universe? Watch for yourself HERE! Where does he get this stuff?!


Monday, January 28, 2008

All This Chatter About Angels

Have you been wondering about all the chatter going on these days about angels? Yeah, me too. So who else would I turn to but prophetess Cindy Jacobs? Elijah List reports:

Have you been hearing about or wondering what is going on with all the chatter about angels lately? Does it seem that everyone is talking about angels? Does it concern you, worry or excite you?

If you want a wild and anointed message, then put on your seatbelt and get ready.

This word by Cindy Jacobs is powerful and gives a good look into some of the things that are being prophesied and also happening in regards to angelic activity and the purpose of angels in this hour.
Unfortunately, I didn't have the $3.99 handy to purchase this message and find out what I should know from people who report seeing and hearing from angels regularly. Guess I'll just have to settle for what the Scriptures say on the subject.

Colossians 2:18 "Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you for the prize. Such a person goes into great detail about what he has seen, and his unspiritual mind puffs him up with idle notions."


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pat Missed Another One!

Almost missed this one:

I know it's hard to believe, but Pat Robertson blew another prediction last year. No, not the one about a terrorist attack last Summer of Fall. He suggested the return of Christ in 2007. This prediction he made back in 1999. On TBN's Praise the Lord on Nov. 10th of that year, in response to Crouch's question about how much time he thought we had left, told Paul Crouch:

Jesus said Jerusalem shall be trodden under the foot of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. June the 5th was when we built our studio in 1967. Two days later the Six Day War, June 7th, 1967. The Jews, for the first time in almost 2500 years took over Jerusalem. Now, that started what I would call the generation of the end of the Gentile powers. Now, that ends in the year 2007, 40 years. The United States of America was officially dedicated to God on April 29th, 1607. The United States is the fulfillment of the Roman Empire. It is the last great kingdom. It is bigger and greater than Persia and Rome and Babylon and Egypt and any of these empires that have ever been. And you remember Nebuchadnezzar's visions of them. I think that America is going to have 400 years in the year 2007 and 400 is ten 40s....The times of the Gentiles, 2007.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Joyce Meyer- The Power of Words

More Word Faith teachings from Joyce Meyer.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

What Part of "Restore the True Church" Don't They Understand?

CNN is reporting today that Mormons are tired of the misconceptions about them.

To Don Lounsbury, it's just another chapter in the same old story -- his church is being maligned, misrepresented and misunderstood -- only this time it's happening as part of the campaign for the White House.

...."It's the same old thing," said Lounsbury, who retired to St. George, Utah, from Oregon 15 years ago. "We've always been picked on, but of course, so were the early Christians." "I'm not bothered by it," he added. "Because I know the church is true."

....Some Mormons are frustrated by persistent misconceptions and stereotypes -- for example, that all Mormons are polygamists (The Mormon Church renounced polygamy in 1890) or have horns. They have also been hit with allegations that Mormonism is more cult than religion, that it is a heretical perversion of Christian doctrine, that it is secretive, exclusive, elitist and racist.

"You can feel persecuted just from having people every single day misunderstand what you believe," said Jana Riess, a Mormon convert and the Cincinnati-based co-editor of "Mormonism for Dummies."

....The church was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith, who claimed that God and Jesus appeared to him in a forest grove and implored him to restore the true church to the world. Smith further said that an angel, Moroni, led him to a set of buried gold plates that when translated from its ancient script became the Book of Mormon.
Mormonism claims to be restoring the TRUE GOSPEL. They are the ones who should be insisting that they are the true church, that the rest of us are apostates. They are the ones who decided they had to part ways with the rest of Christianity. So why do they insist that they are fellow Christians just like us? Why do they insist that they are just another Christian denomination? Why are they offended when we insist that they are NOT a Christian church? Why aren't they making the same claim about us, if they believe they are restoring the true church and the true gospel?

Richard Abanes has a chart on his website that outlines some of the basic differences between Mormonism and Christianity. Click Here.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Leaders of Embattled Oral Roberts University Accept $62 Million Gift

Associated Press is reporting:

Leaders of Oral Roberts University voted unanimously to accept a $62 million (euro41.62 million) donation from an Oklahoma City businessman that will help alleviate debt at the scandal-plagued Tulsa evangelical school.

Mart Green, the founder of the Christian office and education supply store chain Mardel, will take over as chairman of a new board of trustees that will replace the current panel of 21 voting regents as a result of his donation.

Green's family will have one vote on the board, which will be made up of nine to 22 members, including school founder and chancellor Oral Roberts. Former regents will transition to a nonvoting, newly formed Board of Reference under the plan.

...Green, who did not attend Oral Roberts, pledged a total of $70 million (euro47 million) to the 5,700-student university but allowed only $8 million (euro5.37 million) to be used immediately and withheld the rest until his family could review the school's financial records and until regents could consider other stipulations.

...In the weeks since Green's November announcement, televangelists Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar and I.V. Hilliard all left the board of regents.
Was the resignation of so many Word of Faith preachers from the board a requirement of the financial assistance? Is ORU finally going to start teaching correct doctrine? Inquiring minds want to know! Let's pray that is the result.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Master of Scripture-Twisting

One thing Joel Osteen does VERY well is misinterpret Scripture. He does this regularly in his newest book, Become A Better You. Today his e-mailed daily words of inspiration tackled 2 Cor. 4:18.

Today's Scripture

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:18).

Today's Word from Joel and Victoria

Every obstacle in your life is subject to change. It doesn’t matter what you may be facing, there is an answer in the unseen. The unseen is the spiritual realm where the promises of God exist. Your faith brings those unseen things into this natural realm. When you are fixed on something, you can’t be moved. There’s a determination that fuels your focus. When you fix your eyes on the unseen—the promises of God—your faith will not be moved by your circumstances and you’ll eventually see those promises come to pass. Make the decision today to fix your eyes and mind on the promises of God. Meditate on His promises until they become more real to you than the air you breath. Declare that His promises will come to pass in your life. Declare that you have His favor. Declare that you are more than a conqueror. Don’t allow fear and doubt to change what you are speaking over your life. As you continue to fix your spiritual eyes on the unseen promises of God, you will see those things come to pass in the natural and you will move forward into the abundant life the Lord has for you!

This passage, of course, has nothing to do with picturing the things we want in this world in preparation for God giving them to us, but has everything to do with fixing our eyes not on the things of this world, but on what is eternal, Jesus Christ and our home in heaven.
2 Cor. 4:16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Joel Osteen and Asbury Seminary

Looks like Osteen is the flavour of the month on this blog. Don't know much about Asbury Theological Seminary other than the fact that they're supposed to be conservative, but "Faith-Based Blog Videos" has posted a welcome from Joel Osteen to the students of Asbury Theological Seminary who were visiting his church recently. You can see it here. I hope this was a fact-finding mission on their part to see how NOT to conduct a church service!


Friday, January 04, 2008

Joel Osteen On Romney and Mormonism

A few days ago I quoted Joel Osteen's comments on Mormonism being Christian. Here is video of those remarks.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

September Dawn

I have added a link to the highly-recommended movie September Dawn on the right side of my blog. IMDB's description of this movie is:

A story set against the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the film is based upon the tragedy which occurred in Utah in 1857. A group of settlers, traveling on wagons, was murdered by the native Mormons. All together, about 140 souls of men, women and children, were taken. Amidst this, two young lovers-to-be, one a Mormon and the other one of the doomed settlers from Arkansas, develop a relationship in an atmosphere of suspicion and rancor.
This is an incident that the Mormon Church has never apologized for:

Kent Bylund, a Mormon who owned land at the site in southwestern Utah, has seen a shift in attitude. Tapped by Mormon President Gordon Hinckley to head up construction of a memorial in 1999, Mr. Bylund turned to the local Mormon community for donations of time and money. "People wanted to be a part of this healing process. For Mormons, it's a part of their heritage, and it's hard for them to come to terms with it," says Bylund. But Bylund also received death threats from Mormons unhappy with the effort. And when a backhoe accidentally dug up a shovel full of bones, distrust of the church flared among victims' relatives. Finally, at the dedication ceremony, Mr. Hinckley offered words of healing to the descendants, but punctuated them with a legalistic disclaimer of any church responsibility.

"Compared to what we've seen in the last 150 years, since 1999 [church officials] have made strides," says Patty Norris, head of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants, a group of those related to the 17 children under age 7 who were spared. "But they need to go a lot further. We want them to openly acknowledge that church leaders were involved."

She says her group also wants the church to help round up property that was stolen from the train, agree to turn over the site to some other steward, and - very simply - apologize.

Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have expressed sympathy. "My heart has gone out to the descendants," Elder Dallin Oaks said in a recent PBS documentary. "What a terrible thing to contemplate, that the barbarity of the frontier and the conditions of the Utah war, whatever provocations were perceived to have been given, would have led to ... such an extreme atrocity perpetrated by members of my faith." The church, says author Will Bagley, is on the horns of a dilemma: "Until you can embrace confession, you can't repent. If you can't repent, there's no forgiveness." (Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 24, 2007)