Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Leaders of Embattled Oral Roberts University Accept $62 Million Gift

Associated Press is reporting:

Leaders of Oral Roberts University voted unanimously to accept a $62 million (euro41.62 million) donation from an Oklahoma City businessman that will help alleviate debt at the scandal-plagued Tulsa evangelical school.

Mart Green, the founder of the Christian office and education supply store chain Mardel, will take over as chairman of a new board of trustees that will replace the current panel of 21 voting regents as a result of his donation.

Green's family will have one vote on the board, which will be made up of nine to 22 members, including school founder and chancellor Oral Roberts. Former regents will transition to a nonvoting, newly formed Board of Reference under the plan.

...Green, who did not attend Oral Roberts, pledged a total of $70 million (euro47 million) to the 5,700-student university but allowed only $8 million (euro5.37 million) to be used immediately and withheld the rest until his family could review the school's financial records and until regents could consider other stipulations.

...In the weeks since Green's November announcement, televangelists Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar and I.V. Hilliard all left the board of regents.
Was the resignation of so many Word of Faith preachers from the board a requirement of the financial assistance? Is ORU finally going to start teaching correct doctrine? Inquiring minds want to know! Let's pray that is the result.



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