Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Exorcizing Demons From YouTube

Now that Benny Hinn has finished casting demons out of various Christian preachers (see Free At Last blog entry below) he has taken to casting them out of YouTube. A while back I had a clip to YouTube of Benny Hinn (see "Benny Hinn prophecy of Jesus visiting Nairobi, Kenya in 2000" in April archives here) as well as "Televangelists Desire Death For Their Enemies" at the same link. These videos were removed from YouTube. Now the Independent Conservative blog is reporting that Hinn is having many of his clips removed from YouTube as well as videos ABOUT Hinn:

Consider this an addendum to the post about a video I uploaded to YouTube that has been removed. Please read my previous post to see details about that video and other details I won’t be repeating in this post. In short, Pastor Benny Hinn and the World Healing Church d/b/a Benny Hinn Ministries had YouTube remove many videos. Some were videos that were of Benny Hinn, others were videos simply talking about Benny Hinn and for some odd reason some of the videos removed were not about and did not mention Benny Hinn at all, but were still removed and carry a notice that he asked for them to go. All videos removed exposed false teaching and examples of abuse from the pulpit. This post will serve as a listing of videos that were removed. I am only listing what I know about now and will add more with future updates to this same post. You can always contact me with details about others that were removed and carry a noticed that they were dropped by legal request from Pastor Benny Hinn and the World Healing Church d/b/a Benny Hinn Ministries and I’ll try and add others to the list as I learn about them. It’s best if you know the title and have a direct link to the video that was removed and has the notice. Any other additional details are also helpful. In my opinion, we are witnessing a full effort to suppress the best examples of exposing false teaching, by showing clips of it to the world. Benny and his cohorts are embarrassed by the truth coming to light and are doing all they can to stop it.

Those false prophecies and threats can be so embarrassing!!!



At May 30, 2007 3:50 PM, Blogger BJ said...

Hey – since you’re a YouTuber, you might want to check this out… There’s a video company that’s recruiting
YouTubers and if they like your stuff, (and they should) they will actually pay you when your video gets a hit.
Here’s their link… www.flownetworkproductions.com/videorevenue.htm. It’s about time the people who make
the videos get some of the money instead of it all going to YouTube!

At May 30, 2007 4:13 PM, Blogger The Heresy Hunter said...

Actually, I don't upload anything to YouTube - just provide links to good clips I find on it.

At May 23, 2012 12:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect Hinn might remove the videos of him promoting Manasseh Jordan. Word is getting around that Jordan's dad the "prophet" Bernard Jordan is a mind science teacher who has posted pictures of himself worshiping in Hindu temples. Manasseh approves of and works with his father's "ministry." Hinn has apparently known the Jordans for a long time and should be aware of their true, religious inclinations. Hinn's promotion of Manasseh is, I believe, his most troubling act thus far.


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