Friday, December 07, 2007

Name That Future President!

Kim Clement has long been stating that he knows who the next president of the United States will be (but he won't name him, of course) - someone who will convert to Christianity while in the White House. His latest "prophecy" given November 18th in Houston:

America you are at a place now where men are laughing, but God says the greatest place ever. The greatest opportunity has been granted now for Me to invade the media and to show you how when you choose My president. I will place a man there that shall have no inclination towards spiritual things and many a Christian shall say alas we have a Democrat who is actually a Republican. God says fear not for it shall be a while and then in the seat I will take him and fill him with My Spirit. He shall rise to the occasion and begin to pray and peace shall come to this nation, respect and honor shall come to this nation. A move of My Spirit as this nation has never seen for the harvest you have been waiting for shall come.
Any guesses on who he's referring to?



At December 07, 2007 6:16 PM, Blogger Mike Baker said...

Okay, I'll give this game a stab. If I am reading the prophecy right, it has to be a Male Democrat. So that leaves:

The Roman Catholics - Governor Richardson, Representative Kucinich, Senator Dodd, and Senator Biden... Senator Obama who is a member of the United Church of Christ... John Edwards the Methodist... and Mike Gravel the Unitarian. I'm going to go for "Mike Gravel the Unitarian" because that heresy is about as close to Kim Clement as you can get.

More important than political predictions: Has this guy forseen if there will ever be a day when God will command him to cut off his hideous mullet?


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