Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Real Exorcist

Rejoice, folks! Bob Larson's new reality TV series is nearly here! According to an e-mail I received:

Get ready for the most exciting hour of television EVER broadcast on a prime-time secular network! This is exciting news that will encourage your faith today!

By the time you receive this letter, we'll be shooting the first-ever, prime-time, Christian-based reality TV series: "The Real Exorcist!" For one hour each week, millions around the globe will witness the power of God in action. They will see people led to Christ and souls dramatically set free from Satan. It will be advertiser-supported and broadcast on secular television networks in England, Europe, America, and worldwide. This is a supernatural breakthrough for Christians everywhere! We're going to need your prayer support for victory in the name of Jesus.

We've already shot the first episode. It features a young married couple who came to Christ and were taken through an amazing healing and deliverance. The battle was between demonic strangleholds and the power of Jesus. YOU KNOW WHO WON!

The couple, Eric and Traci, had struggled to save their family and their two young children. They felt the dead weight of hopelessness from years of fighting the forces of evil that hit hard and retreated into the shadows. God allowed me to expose Satan and wage war against the enemies of anger, violence, drug addiction, and suicide. God showed me how to heal the areas of pain and hurt in their lives brought on by abandonment and family curses. We forced the demons to leave because their rights were removed. They screeched as they were commanded to go back to the Pit. The final scene shows Eric and Traci and their children, reunited and rejoicing in their hard-won battle against Satan's plans. Their beaming faces testified to God's miraculous power to set the captives free. The first time I saw this episode on screen, I wept. I was so overwhelmed with the anointing of God upon this series.

Each week will feature dramatic stories like Eric and Traci, good people trapped in bad circumstances, cursed by their ancestors, wracked with pain from abuse, and confused by deception from the devil. These people are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. As you watch, you will recognize people just like ones those you know and love.

What a relief! All the Holy Spirit-filled Christians who are also inhabited by demons are about to be set free, Bob is going to send those demons back to Hell where they came from and finally the curse your great-great-great Uncle Herman put on you can be lifted. Hey, I didn't even know the demons had ever been in hell previously, but what do I know compared to an expert like Bob Larson?



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