Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kim Does It Again!

I'm constantly amazed at Kim Clement's "accuracy"! Got this e-mail from him today:

The US Earthquake Prophecy
July 28, 2007 — Harrisburg, PA

"In this Nation, yes, there shall be three earthquakes says the Lord. Not earthquakes of judgment but a sign in the earth. The wind has brought the rain. Signs from above. Fires have come on top of the land. Signs on top of the land. Fire consuming religion, consuming witchcraft, consuming control and the synagogues of Satan shall be invaded by the forces of righteousness, says the Lord of hosts. No more reasoning. No more debating. Go and show. Don't go and tell, go and show. For now you have embarked upon a period of manifestation, says the Lord. Now there must be a sign underneath the earth. And surely your earth shall shake saying to you three times and showing you three arenas. The heavens where the wind came and the rain came to America. On the earth the fires that came in the middle of this nation and shall continue in the west. And then underneath the earth - the shaking. And God says, you know why? Because the demonic powers that have held tight are now being released and being taken care of and being completely annihilated, says the Spirit of the Lord. They will never be above you, they will always be beneath you says the Spirit of the God..."

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Well, I'm stunned! Stunned that any fan of Clement would think this was fulfilled prophecy! Having lived in California for 10 years I know that earthquakes and tremors hit Southern California every day of the year.



At August 09, 2007 6:09 PM, Anonymous DiViNELy_Chozyn@EMAiL-LaLaBeLL.Com said...

OOOOhh.. iF I Didnt kno any better I'd say
YOU WERE A -->!!![HATER]!!!<--

if this waznt one of the EARTHQUAkES KiM was talking about, then *!HE WOULD NOT SEND US A REMiNDER OF WHAT HE PROPHiCiED BEFORE HAND!* WiTH A NEWS LiNk!!....duhh....

Im Sorry but dosnt that make more sense??



At August 09, 2007 6:23 PM, Blogger The Heresy Hunter said...

nO, THat doeN't maKe mor cents tO ME at AlL.Duhh!


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