Friday, July 06, 2007

At Least It Won't Be Hillary!

Prophet Kim Clement issued this prophecy last night on "Praise the Lord":

God said this to me. He said “Do not leave this country for any international ministry or anything until the president that I’ve shown you that is going to be voted for has been voted and this present president will leave office – not in shame – and when he leaves office and I instate the man who’s going to be the president of the United States of America.” He said “When he’s in and he gets filled with My Spirit.” Now this is a weird thing because he said to me “The person that gets voted will look like a person who is not a Christian or a real believer like we understand,” He says, “but I’ll trick the people and when he gets into the office, the Oval Office,” He will fill him with the Holy Spirit. And we may not hear that, he may not stand outside and say, you know, speak in tongues, he’s not going to come stand there and shake himself. We’re not really even see it except in policy and different things.

But I know who it is. I’m not scared to say who it is. You say, what if it doesn’t happen? The will of the people. It can change it.
Why not tell us who it is, Kim?

It looks like he has another ready excuse if this prophecy fails - the will of the people changed it! But then, he didn't really prophesy falsely - he can say it was accurate, but the will of the people changed God's plans! It's all so confusing!

Kim, you said you KNOW who the next president will be - it reality you don't know, because the will of the people can change it, right?

Kim says he'll admit when he's wrong, but people like us are ready to stone him.

All I know is when I hear I just go with it and if I, by any chance, make a mistake, then I will confess it and say look, I obviously wasn’t tuned in or something. There is no way I’m going to sit here and lie to people and say I am perfect in hearing God. And then they want to put me under law and say “Well, it wasn’t right, so we’re going to stone you and we’re going to speak about you.” And they do that all the time.
So, am I being unfair, holding him up to the standards of a prophet who presumes to speak for God, whose fans may make life decisions based on what he says? Is it okay for a prophet to prophesy falsely?



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