Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On Monkeys And Little Old Ladies

Well, the prophetic Elijah List is all excited today. They think that Kim Clement finally hit a couple of prophecies on the head. They are reporting on two prophecies Clement posted on his website today dated May 10th and 11th. Naturally, Clement kept up his tradition of posting his prophecies after he thinks they have been fulfilled. The Elijah List writes:

Capuchin Monkey Dies of Plague at Zoo and officials are trying to prevent an epidemic

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On May 11, Kim prophesied "go to the zoo and you will see it," so this article certainly caught our attention when it was posted yesterday. The full prophecy is below.

..."A Governor who is terrorized shall be removed. This will be a sign," says the Lord. Take this as a warning from the Lord God. "They have laughed at the Church, they have laughed at the organization that they have called the Church--they laughed, and so have I," says the Lord. "For this reminds Me of the synagogues of satan that have interrupted My liberty and My Spirit to move. There are three of them in this city that will no longer transcribe the doctrine of demons." For God said, "There is a doctrine of demons that has made you a laughing stock." God said, "In the presence of His people, let the prophet once again speak, that I will use Michigan to deal with the synagogues of satan. They have transcribed the doctrines of demons. You say, who?" God said, "Go to the zoo and you will see it." For God said, "They are acting as if they know much, removing godliness and purity. These churches say, 'The Spirit has done all that He can do.' But little do they know--as remotely as I raised up the little child, Jesus, in a stable, so I will take 17 churches to 23 churches in the Michigan area that are nothing and raise them up, and they will strike down the doctrines of demons by My grace giving them miracles and miracles and miracles and miracles and miracles and miracles," says the Spirit of God!

60-Year-Old Woman becomes the oldest in the United States to give birth to Twins

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On May 12, Kim prophesied "in the month of May a double portion shall be granted to the wombs of the women." These twin boys were born just yesterday, and the mom and twins are healthy. The full prophecy is below.

The Spirit of God said, "A generation of young men and women are ready to be raised up, that's why the enemy would take them out of your womb, that's why the enemy would try and steal from the womb from a young age the children of this day. But I say to you this night that if the enemy would do this to you, then I will pay you back with multiplication. Because he has come on illegal terms and taken what is rightfully Mine, for if your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, then you are Mine," says the Lord. "Therefore, even as wombs have experienced death, and barrenness has been the order of the day; so it is cleared up in the month of May. For in the month of May a double portion shall be granted to the wombs, a double portion shall be granted to the wombs of the women, and those that have not given birth when they should have," says the Lord, "And so it shall be that in this month multiplication shall take place. Can anybody see it?"
He's got me convinced! I would certainly equate going to the zoo and doctrines of demons with a monkey dying of a plague, wouldn't you? And I mean, what are the odds on the number of women who have twins on any given day? Astronomically high, right? Way to go, Kim!



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