Monday, July 21, 2008

Rick Joyner - Look Out For Those Religious Folks!

Once again, Rick Joyner is warning people about those who would oppose what's going on in places like Lakeland and Morningstar:

Rick Joyner:
"The History and Future of the Present Revival - Tighten Your Seatbelts. We Are in For the Ride of Our Lives!"

A revival atmosphere is usually a combination of the presence of the Lord and a lot of energy from people. This is right for the revival, but we must recognize that human excitement can be contagious too. It is great to see Christians excited again, but this excitement must translate into us being obedient to the will of God in our lives.

...That being said, we are presently in a time of revival, and it is just beginning. We are still a long way from even seeing the peak of this revival. Some prophetic words have come from those I consider trustworthy that this revival will last for three years.

...It is hard to be encouraged if you are sick or oppressed by the devil with some affliction. That is why the emphasis on healing, miracles, and deliverance for the Church is so crucial at this time. In due time, the Church should be healed and we can move on, and those who were healed should be healers for the lost.

...The last trumpet or message of God in the Book of Revelation is "our God reigns" (see Revelation 19:6), or the Gospel of the Kingdom. That Gospel has not been preached since the first century, and it must be preached throughout the world before the Lord will come. The Church is being prepared to preach that Gospel and to do it from a position of living in the power of the Kingdom. We are being prepared to prepare the way for the Lord.

....In a general timing, we can expect most of the Church to be in stage 1, reviving and waking up the Church, getting her healed from her wounds and afflictions for about three years. Then there will likely be a transition time between the stages where stage 2 starts to burn more and stage 1 fades out, at least as far as being the main emphasis of the Church. Even so, stage 1 imparted healing, miracles, deliverance, and faith in God for great things and will continue to be an integral and major part of Church life from now on.

All that is accomplished by stage 1 will continue on into orbit as a basic part of the vehicle. However, what we are now calling revival and what is causing revival will be normal Church life. Miracles far beyond what we are seeing now are going to be commonplace.

....As we are told in Hebrews 12, everything that can be shaken will, so what is from God will remain. We can be sure that everything that is from God will survive the shaking.

Using the metaphor of being launched like a rocket, this move of God has barely left the launch pad and has a long way to go before stage 1 is finished. The shaking will likely get much more violent and remain that way through the stage 1. It will lessen some after the main booster has completed its burn, but it will not be over until we are finally in the assigned orbit.

A lot of the shaking will come from persecution, most of which will come from religious people. Historically, the worst persecution of emerging moves of God came from the leaders of the previous moves of God. This great tragedy has undoubtedly nullified much of the fruit accomplished by these leaders and even helped prepare for the coming move that they persecute. This tragedy has rarely been avoided because pride comes before a fall, and those who get used in great ways have rarely been able to escape the most deadly trap of pride, which is easily salted with jealousy.

We are told that it was because of envy that Jesus was crucified (see Mark 15:10), and this is still true. As we do to the least of His people, we are doing it to Him. As we persecute or resist even the least of His messengers, we are doing it to Him.

Talk about a warning! If we dare criticize what is going on, we are the "religious people" and are, in fact, persecuting Jesus! This kind of talk sure sounds cultic to me!



At July 21, 2008 11:59 PM, Blogger Watchman on the Wall said...

Rick Joyner is a very dangerous man, all the moreso because he is not flamboyant, but instead very calculating.

My parents followed him right onto the mountain where he lives, believing God was in it. They now need to get off the mountain but can't due to houses not selling, and their health has deteriorated rapidly since moving there.

The more I study on what gnosticism is, the more I see gnosticism all through Rick Joyner's writings.

I think his message appeals to the spiritually proud, who want to be "elite" over other christians.


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