Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lakeland Revival May Be Of God!

I may have to repent of condemning Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival. J. Lee Grady writes today:

In China, They Beat Christians With Crowbars

The Summer Olympic Games will focus a needed spotlight on the Chinese government’s abusive treatment of believers.

....When I met with a group of 80 underground church leaders seven years ago in a secret conference near Guangzhou, I discovered that all of them had been jailed at least three times each. Many had been beaten with iron crowbars while others had been shocked with electric cattle prods in an effort to gain information about secret church groups.
In China Christians are beaten with crowbars - at Lakeland Christians are kicked in the stomach. Of course, one is done by those who hate Christianity and the other is done by a "Christian pastor," but why quibble? Maybe this proves it's a move of God!

Note to Bentley supporters: Check out the two videos in my previous post and tell me which one is a move of God - and please don't try and say that both are!

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