Sunday, June 22, 2008

Embedded Angels

Over on Elijah List "prophet" Bill Yount is talking about angels embedded in the walls of churches. He writes:

I saw ancient angels of faith embedded in the walls of many churches. They are now being awakened and activated through the prayers of the saints of past generations - who were praying to see a great move of God in their day.

I sense that many saints in these churches may have felt like their fervent prayers were bouncing off of the ceilings and walls of their churches. They didn't realize that their eternal prayers were actually going into the ceilings and walls of their churches, which have been building up for a greater future last day outpouring!

These ancient angels of faith being awakened, have been faithful to their long-term assignments to these churches so that "the glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former!"

Angels who were summoned generations ago to many churches through tear-stained altars, but were stifled in their assignments through unbelief and strife, were now being called forth to complete their assignments - even in churches that people were thinking, "This church will never see a move of God!" But God was now honoring the prayers of many generations and a mighty breakthrough for so called "dead" churches was now inevitable!

....I heard these ancient angels of faith decreeing to both ancient and newborn churches and to home group fellowships: "No 'spiritual' walls left standing. Every generational wall that separates you from one another is coming down!"

It's as though these angels were given a command for this hour to bring down every wall that has been erected between God's people over many generations. I heard a strong angel proclaiming: "No walls left standing! Walls are coming down!"

As these ancient angels of faith began to awaken inside of these walls and began stretching their wings, generational walls of tradition and division began to crumble as religious spirits were being cast out by the presence of God!
Elijah List publisher Steve Schultz says if we want to spiritualize this we can, but also says that "if you would receive our Quantum Physics, Music and Prophetic CD sets, you would hear how science can now prove that 'matter' (that is hard things like rocks and walls) does have memory. And we also know that angels are spirit beings and are also outside of time as we know it."

So he is strongly hinting that Christians should take this prophecy literally.

The religious spirits, of course, are those who disagree with this type of nonsense and insist on testing everything in the light of Scripture.

I find it astounding that today's so-called Christians are so lacking in discernment that they tolerate this sort of garbage and then label those who disagree Pharisees, as though that label settled the argument.



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