Friday, April 25, 2008

TBN (and Christians) Drop the Ball Again?

Once again TBN (not a surprise) and much of Christianity is refusing to speak out against what is obviously unbiblical. From Beliefnet:

Christians Curiously Silent On Gay Music-show Host

We're no longer shocked when a popular Christian figure does something to invite the scorn of his or her faithful (so to speak) fans. But when Azariah Southworth, host of "The Remix," a AzariahSouthworthpic.jpgpopular Christian version of MTV's "Cribs" told a Nashville paper last week that he's gay, the response was truly astounding: nothing. "I know I will be cut off from many within the Christian community," he told Out & About (adding, "and if so, then they didn’t get the point of the life of Christ"). But so far he says his employers have yet to inform Southworth that he's been fired. And though he says his inbox is filling up with emails supporting his decision to out himself, few are from those who watch the show.

Why the wait in firing him? Perhaps Christian entertainment outlets, too, are hardly shocked at this kind of news anymore, and have other things on their to-do lists before firing the latest transgressor in their stable. Not likely. It could be that public relations is trumping principles: "The Remix" producers may figure they'll only draw more attention to Southworth's editorializing, and prove his point in some minds, by coming down swiftly.

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