Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Old Replaces the New Which Replaces the Old

Remember the old Benny Hinn? He used to say things like:

"I'm sick and tired of hearing about streets of gold. I don't need gold in heaven. I got to have it now. I mean, when I get to glory, all my bills will be paid, brother. I won't have bills in glory. I won't need to worry about bills in glory. I got to have it here. You say, well, Benny Hinn, isn't that wonderful to have gold streets in glory? Well, of course, but if I hear the thing one more time of how it will be, and how it was, I'm going to kick somebody." (Praise the Lord, November 1990)
Well, three years ago he apparently had a crisis of conscience. On Praise the Lord he said:

"In many churches all you hear is prosperity. We’re sick of it. We’re tired of hearing the same old thing over – it’s souls now! Forget – you know what? You’ll prosper way more if you focus on souls. You’ll prosper. We all believe – look, I believe in prosperity, I tell you. I believe in prosperity. Of course you know I’ve been preaching on TBN now for years. You know what I believe. But here’s what has changed: God has grabbed my heart with a burden." (Feb. 2005)
Wonderful - at least it was a start. But something happened! During the most recent April telethon on TBN he said:

"I'm here to tell the church of Jesus Christ get ready - these are your greatest days now. The conditions of the world are right for you to prosper. When you watch the news they're talking about recession. They talk about troubles. That's not your world. You're in it, not of it....Jesus said that the world would experience crisis. He did not say the church would. He said in the world you'd have tribulation. He didn't say in the church....Now the world has sorrow even when they do prosper. But not us. And you read Psalm 73 where David said he was troubled by the prosperity of the wicked until he realized they're standing on slippery grounds. In other words, God will allow them and allow them continually to pile up their wealth for one reason. One reason only. I'm here to tell you a wealth transfer is on the way....I'm here to prepare you for the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world!" (April 6, 2008)
Well, it was nice while it lasted!



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