Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Visit to Lakewood Church

Well, not my visit - the visit of Rev. Dr. Matt Tittle, minister of Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church in Houston. You can read his review here. He gives us a very revealing list of positives and negatives. They include:


- Joel Osteen's sermon. It could have been one of mine.
- Victoria Osteen's Bible interpretation. She uses the same method I do.


Parking!!!! Getting in and out was worse than any sporting event or concert I've ever attended.
- The theology of the praise music and the prayers conflicted with the theology of the sermon.
Joel, when a Unitarian Universalist says your sermon could have been one of his, doesn't that raise any alarm bells?

When Victoria interprets the Bible the same way this minister does, shouldn't that concern you?

And when the theology of the praise music - which may accidentally actually contain a little bit of sound theology - conflicts with the theology of the sermon, isn't that a cause for concern?

I know, that's not your calling!



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