Thursday, March 27, 2008

LCMS and the Seeker-Sensitive Movement

As we know, the LCMS is in a state of crisis these days, moving away from being the Confessional church founded by C. F. W. Walther and embracing the Seeker-Sensitive and possibly Emergent Church style of church.

I am in the process of examining this transition and how it is influencing the Lutheran church - the LCMS in particular -, and may either post my findings on the internet or make it into a booklet for distribution to congregations that need to see what is happening to their church and the Synod as a whole. The body of Christ as a whole is not very discerning and I don't think Lutherans are an exception to that rule. I believe this is a vital first step in restoring the church to its original purpose as I believe the majority of Lutherans are in the dark as to what is happening in the Synod.

In doing this I need information on how these movements have influenced particular churches within the LCMS. I would have to be able to document any information provided rather than rely on heresay - documentation would include such things as articles in print from a particular church or things posted on the church's website, audio, etc. If you have such information please e-mail me at heresyhunter at Thanks!

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