Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paula White: God Wants You To Prosper

This video should refute Paula White's claim from last night's Larry King show that her teachings aren't about materialism. In fact, her teaching in this video is straight from the teachings of the popular "The Secret":

Larry King: Do you have any qualms about having a great deal of money?

Paula White: Do I -- for me personally?

King: Yes.

White: Or for other people?

King: For you.

White: You know, to me, it's never been about money. I mean and it's not -- so when you say I don't look at it and say -- I don't sit down and say, boy, I'm thinking about getting a great deal of money or I'm not going to have any money.

I believe that prosperity has a purpose. And my definition of prosperity would be quite different than what most people probably imagine or think, because I think that a wholeness word that means nothing missing, nothing broken. It's not finances or materialism.

So let's say financially. Financially, I personally believe that you should have enough to do the assignment that you feel is part of your life. And whatever that is to do, you're going to need. Like, this is quite expensive to do -- what it is you're doing, but you're doing it effectively and bringing information to the world.



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