Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Second Coming Location Announced - Niagara Falls!

Well, I mean, where else? The honeymoon place of choice for the bride and Groom! From the Buffalo News:

Niagara Falls prophesied as site of Second Coming

The Second Coming of Christ will occur in Niagara Falls, Isaiah Robertson believes.

“The revival of Jesus Christ will start right here,” he said. “God said he would take his glory from one of the wonders of the world — and that wonder is Niagara Falls.”

...“Niagara Falls is a holy place, like Jerusalem,” he said. “The sound of the water going over the falls is the voice of God.”

At the second coming, Robertson believes, the water at the base of the falls will turn into a “lake of fire.”

Three Sisters Islands will be the judgment seat of Jesus, said Robertson, also known by some as Prophet Isaiah, and Goat Island will be where he will separate the sheep, his followers, from the goats, who are rejected in the judgment.

“There will be two ways to go,” he said, “left into the ring of fire or right into eternal salvation.”

People who believe in Jesus will go right, and nonbelievers will go left.

Robertson expects this to happen in 2014. He has erected a 20-foot-tall wooden cross in front of his house on Ontario Avenue to symbolize the Second Coming of Christ.

...Robertson, a carpenter by trade, recently spent two years carving intricate designs on the wooden walls of Mount Erie Baptist Church on nearby Fairfield Avenue to illustrate stories from the Bible and symbolize Christian beliefs.

A sign at the side of his house carries this inscription from Luke 17:26: “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of coming of the son of the living God.” At the bottom of the inscription is his name, Prophet Isaiah, and his telephone number: (716) 282-2994.

The centerpiece of Robertson’s holy home is the handcarved oak cross.

Curious motorists and tourists have been stopping to be photographed next to the cross, he said.

“This cross is straight from God,” Robertson said. “It’s not man’s work. This cross is telling you that the coming of the Lord is at hand. If you walk away from this cross and don’t accept Christ, then you’re lost forever.”

Robertson is off just a little on this, though. He has the Second Coming occurring on the American side when everyone knows it will take place on the Canadian side!



At November 06, 2007 4:55 AM, Blogger Kelly Klages said...

Shoot, as I was reading I was planning on making the American side / Canadian side joke. You beat me to it. Great minds...

At November 06, 2007 10:54 AM, Blogger The Heresy Hunter said...

As a Canadian it was obvious to me that the Second Coming would take place in Canada.


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