Friday, October 19, 2007

Is There Hope For Joel?

From the Early Show on Wednesday:

Hannah Storm: Do you find it surprising that so many people find fault with that message, that they say, `Why are you so positive? Why are you providing hope? You're Christianity-light. You should be talking about suffering and sin and all the real, you know, things that happen to people'?

Joel: Well, I do find it interesting, but, you know, I see their perspective at times.

Unfortunately, he then added:

Joel Osteen: Our whole message is that Jesus came to help us live a great life. And some people are not going to agree with that.

It's my personal view that, unlike a lot of other preachers that are popular today, eventually Joel is going to see the light and start preaching a more balanced view of the Gospel. Of course, he may have to sell his current facilities once he does.



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