Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trying to Sell Something? Call It Christian.

Great article in the Times Herald in Port Huron, Michigan. Here's an excerpt:

Trying to sell something? Call it Christian

Remember the Bible story about Jesus driving the moneychangers and other first-century capitalists from the temple in Jerusalem?

They were selling animals for sacrifices and padding their pockets doing currency exchanges.

Guess what: They're back. Only this time they're in the United States. They are making the cash registers ring (or beep or do whatever it is those computer-driven gizmos do anymore) to the tune of $4.6 billion last year. That's according to CBA, a retail trade association for Christian retailing with headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo.

...There's no denying you can transform a product's desirability by slapping the adjective "Christian" on it - Christian books, Christian music, Christian clothing lines - as opposed to "pagan" or "heathen" books, music and clothing lines, I guess.


At August 06, 2007 4:37 AM, Blogger meninstyle said...

That's a pretty shrewd move, but very much anticipated in a business standpoint.

Although, consumers, we should be wise enough to know which ones are authentic and truly worth our money and time. is a great resource for hand crafted religious products and decorative religious items.


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