Monday, July 02, 2007

T. D. Jakes - God Is a Quail

T. D. Jakes is known to hold to the oneness view of the Godhead in which God is manifested in different forms - first the Father, then the Son, and then the Holy Spirit - but never at the same time. But why stop there? Here is the logical extension of that view from Jakes' own lips. While talking about the Israelites in the wilderness, he said:

God was saying "I am a transformer. I can become whatever I need to be." But He IS a spirit. When God says "I AM that I AM" He says "I can become whatever" and
He showed off from that point on all through the wilderness. He just kept turning into stuff. He kept turning into stuff. They said "We're hungry." He started dropping His loaves of bread. They said "We want meat." He became quail and started flying through the air. They said "What are we going to do for water?" He became water, came gushing out of a rock. They said "It's hot out here!" He became a pillar of cloud by day. They said "It's cold at night." He said "I'll became a cloud of fire by night." They said "We can't drink this bitter water." He became a tree and turned the bitter water sweet. I mean He just kept turning into stuff! One God manifesting in a multiplicity of ways. One God. Now, you don't divide all of those manifestations into different gods. The God of Bread, the God of Quail, the God of Water, the God of tree, the God of Cloud, the God of Fire. Just one God Who manifests Himself in many different ways. Okay? You with me? Your God is multifaceted, manifold, many shades. Okay? (from The Potter’s House TV show, 30 June 1999)
That is the heresy of pantheism. And he's touted as the next Billy Graham? Man, are we in trouble!



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