Monday, June 04, 2007

The World Trade Center Victims All Brought It Upon Themselves!

That got your attention, didn't it? Now, read this quote from the much ballyhooed "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne:

Dr. Joe Vitale: Everything that surrounds you right now in your life, including the things you're complaining about, you've attracted. Now I know at first blush that's going to be something that you hate to hear. You're going to immediately say, "I didn't attract the car accident. I didn't attract this particular client who gives me a hard time. I didn't particularly attract the debt." And I'm here to be a little bit in your face and to say, yes you did attract it. This is one of the hardest concepts to get, but once you've accepted it, it's life transforming."
Rhonda Byrnes: Often when people first hear this part of the Secret they recall events in history where masses of lives were lost, and they find it incomprehensible that so many people could have attracted themselves to the event. Bu the law of attraction, they had to be on the same frequency as the event. It doesn't necessarily mean they thought of that exact event, but the frequency of their thoughts matched the frequency of the event. If people believe they can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they have no control over outside circumstances, those thoughts of fear, separation, and powerlessness, if persistent, can attract them to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. (The Secret, Chapter: The Secret Made Simple, p. 27-28)
If you believe this stuff, then it all of those World Trade Center victims were responsible for their own demise, since their negative thoughts resulted in them being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So why blame the terrorists? They must have had positive thoughts about the success of their mission! Hitler must have had positive thoughts about the death of 6 million Jews!

That is the danger in this book that has spent 15 weeks at number 1 on the NY Times Best-Seller List.



At June 06, 2007 11:23 PM, Blogger ann said...

The law of attraction is garbage and your title to this post pretty much summed it up for me


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