Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Camp For Humanists

Tired of all those Christian camps that teach that the universe didn't evolve from random chance? Well, here's your chance to bring up the kids proper-like. From the North Carolina Star News Online:

Summer camps for humanists

Starting next week, God-free camps called Camp Quest will open in six locations in North America. The sleepaway summer camps are for children from agnostic, atheist or humanist families. Camp Quest programs are being set up in Ohio, California, Ontario, Michigan, Minnesota. A Tennessee program will be added in 2008.

While the kids will participate in classic summer camp activities such as horsebackriding, archery and swimming, they'll also learn about critical thinking, science and humanist values.

One exercise, for instance, challenges kids to disprove the existence of two invisible unicorns at the camp. The camps are funded through grants from The Institute for Humanist Studies in Albany, N.Y.

To our humanist friends out there -- Have you ever considered sending your kids to a god-free summer camp?



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