Friday, June 29, 2007

Meet the Antichrist's Wife!

You think the antichrist is going to be powerful? Never mind him - look out for the wife! From the Miami Herald:

Life with the Antichrist: Wife divorcing preacher

Josefina De Jesus Torres gently runs her perfect French manicure across the pages of her wedding album, ruminating on life as the wife of the self-proclaimed Antichrist.

In one picture, church leader Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda pulls off her garter with his teeth. In another, the couple sip frothy champagne in front of a gleaming limo.

''He was my apostle, the perfect man . . . the Prince Charming -- even better: God himself had come to love me,'' sighs Torres, a doe-eyed honey blonde. ``I felt better than the Virgin Mary.''

Torres says she often washed his feet and cut his fingernails and toenails as a sign of devotion.

Now, though, the romance that De Jesus told her was divinely decreed has ended in the most temporal of battlefields: divorce court. And, amid court revelations about his personal spending, she is speaking out publicly about life with the controversial Miami-based preacher.

...In two three-hour interviews, Torres described a tumultuous life, saying De Jesus regularly ordered her away, sending church bishops to remove her from the house and pack up her clothing. She says he told her details of sexual escapades with other women who were members of the church.



At July 02, 2007 6:14 PM, Blogger ann said...

This guy is nothing more than an incredible hedonist.


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