Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is This What Is Meant By the "Fall of Mankind"?

The Lansing State Journal reports:
A pastor being sued by a former member of his church testified this morning that he was angry that she filed the lawsuit.

"I was being sued by somebody who I didn't know was my enemy," David Russell Williams said this morning in testimony in Eaton County Circuit Court.

Judith Dadd, 52, of Lansing is suing Mount Hope Church, based in Delta Township, and Williams. She says she went to the altar during a July 18, 2002 rally for church leaders and was "slain in the Spirit" according to testimony. She fell backward and struck her head on the floor. Dadd claims she still suffers from the effects of the fall, including depression, memory loss and difficulty concentrating.



At May 13, 2007 11:13 PM, Anonymous Eric said...

Here are some other ideas that American evangelicals could sue over:

1. Emotional manipulation during "praise and worship" that creates a life-long "experience-addiction" causing the person to seek more and more extreme versions of religion.

2. A "man-focused" theology that leads to doubt and constant attempts to "re-dedicate" oneself to the Lord. This constant process leads to depression and anxiety, often resulting in huge psychiatry bills and monthly medication.

3. A "Law-focused" theology that leads to despair and depression, causing people to leave their faith and indulge in hedonistic pursuits. These pursuits lead to STDs and a meaningless life - more psychiatry bills and medication.

Three lawsuits for now - all possible class action eligible.



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