Monday, May 14, 2007

The Conversion of Frank Beckwith

Gene Edward Veith makes some excellent points in todays Cranach blog entry about apologist Frank Beckwith's reasons for returning to Roman Cathlicism:

Dr. Beckwith is a good guy. When Baylor tried to get rid of him for being too conservative, I covered the story in WORLD MAGAZINE. In our conversations, I was greatly impressed with him. I won't quibble with his reasons. I just offer a few comments:

(1) Dr. Beckwith cited the concordat between Lutherans and Roman Catholics on justification by faith. Now that the two sides agree on that central issue of the Reformation, he has said, there is no reason not to return to the historical Church of Rome. (I have heard other converts to Rome say the same thing.)

Please: Looking to liberal Lutherans for Lutheranism is like looking to liberal Presbyterians for Calvinism, or liberal Catholics for Catholicism. (Dr. Beckwith will go crazy when he has to deal with the feminist nuns and the pro-abortion college professors). What the liberal Lutherans of the Lutheran World Federation signed was a document in which both sides agreed to use the same terminology, while meaning different things by the words.

The rest of his entry is worth a read as well, especially for the mega-church crowd.



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