Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Badmouthing the Blogger

The World From Our Window blog has this quote from Os Guinness while on The White Horse Inn radio show:

Michael Horton: "What are some of the distractions from the truth today? Because a lot of evangelicals will not recognize anything we've been saying for the last half-hour. They'll say, 'Have you not read our NAE statement? Have you not seen what we believe, and what we teach? Just ask me, I don't have a low view of Scripture.'"

Os Guinness: "Well, it comes down in the rain, or it comes through your mother's milk in this country. I mean, things are simple in Europe; most people make their political decisions based on reading newspapers -- in America from watching television. You know, you take something irrational as currently as the blogs; now the blogs are partly a useful counter check on the public media, but if you ever want an explosion -- an orgy or irrationality and emotionality -- look at the blogs. And this is our world -- a world of television image, makeovers, blogs, impression management, and so on. You know, we are living in a world that undermines truth almost every time you turn around."
What a lot of nonsense!!! I am not irrational and emotional!!!!!!! Anybody with an ounce of sense knows that all these heretical movements I report about are part of an interplanetary conspiracy to overthrow the one true church - which is located just outside of Moscow - and usher in the anti-antichrist! I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Os is out of this world as well!



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