Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Welcome to the U2charist

From the BBC:

A church in Dublin's city centre has conducted a service based on the music of Irish rock group U2.

Around 150 people attended the Anglican St George and St Thomas's Church, to sing hits like I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and One.

"We're reaching out to the youth," said organiser Greg Fromholz. "There's a deep Christian message in U2's music."

The so-called U2charist, named after the band and the Eucharist - or Holy Communion - originated in the US.

Featuring the band's music instead of hymns, it was created by Sarah Dylan Breuer in for a service in Baltimore in April 2004.

It has since spread around the world, with services held in Australia, New Zealand and Britain.

The U2charist often features a political message centred around Bono's campaign to eradicate extreme poverty and Aids.

Dublin's Sunday service lasted an hour and a half, with the church kitted out with concert-style lighting, video screens and dry ice.
Quite fittingly, this story is found in the "Entertainment" section of the BBC web page, rather than the "Religion" section.

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