Monday, April 30, 2007

It's All About Who???

The April 2007 "Word of Faith" magazine, published by Kenneth Hagin Ministries has this headline:

It's All About Him!

What a great message! Hagin could have left the story just like that, not added a word, packed up his computer and gone home and he would have written a great message! Unfortunately, like many writers who don't know when to stop, he chose to write more. In a series of excerpts from various books by Kenneth Hagin and his father that he put into this article he writes:

  • He has already blessed us because we are in Him.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ Himself told us, in effect, "You have the authority to use My Name and that Name will get you the benefits the Word of God says belong to you." Jesus is not going to come down here and force you to use His Name and receive His blessings.
  • I know those blessings belong to us!
  • I've used the Name to command sickness and disease to leave my body...And I have used the Name to have my financial needs met.
  • We're the ones who make it possible for God to bless us. If you'll make available the possibility, He will bless you.
It's all about who, Kenneth?



At April 30, 2007 9:32 PM, Blogger Mike Messerli said...

Amen. They talk about Jesus, but it's really about us.

You last sentence said volumes.



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