Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Word of Faith Preachers - Repent!!!

From yesterday's Toronto Globe and Mail:
Religious TV channel on carpet
CRTC eyes fundraising controversy


A religious television channel that has encouraged viewers to liquidate their retirement savings and charge up credit cards to make donations in the name of God may learn today whether it answers to Canada's broadcast regulator as a higher power.

The Miracle Channel, which is carried across the country on cable, is expected to be questioned about its fundraising methods when it appears before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

At the heart of the debate are statements by on-air hosts during past fundraising drives. In one of the most controversial examples, a host told viewers in 2004 to cash in their Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) for donations.

"There is somebody right now watching, and God is speaking to them about RRSPs. They've got RRSPs, and they've got a sizable amount, and it's a security thing. Well, it's not a security thing; your security is in God. And God's speaking to you to cash those in. And I dare you to do it," the host said.

...A CRTC hearing starting today will consider the application to expand the station's broadcasting power. But the regulator will also look into whether The Miracle Channel has adequately responded to complaints about high-pressure tactics and promises of a windfall after money is given.

...Under Canadian law, the CRTC lacks the power to sanction broadcasters if they are found to have run afoul of the rules. It can pull a broadcaster's licence, but that step is considered a last-resort option.

However, the CRTC can exercise its power during licence hearings, and can refuse to grant concessions to a licence holder if the regulator believes the broadcaster is not complying with federal rules.

...Excerpts from fundraising campaigns on the Miracle Channel that have raised concerns with the CRTC.

"There's a businessman right now that's watching this program in his business, in his place of business that is about to go bankrupt. He's about to lose it all. He is discouraged, he is frustrated and I have a word for you . . . Right now, there's a certain amount in your bank account right now. And I'm just going to speak what I feel the spirit of God gave me. You're about to lose it all anyway, so you need to sow it into the miracle of the Miracle Channel, and your whole business is going to turn around, not months from now, days from now."

"We've had several tonight give $10,000 . . . And you know what one person did Gwen? [addressing another host] They have $5,000 and they gave it, but they felt to give ten [thousand], they put the other 5 [thousand] on their credit card. And we believe that God is going to give that back to you and you are going to be able to pay it off real fast."

Good for them! So why isn't the FCC down here in the U.S. keeping an eye on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Inspiration Network, in order to protect the public?? Or maybe it should be the Food and Drug Administration doing that, given the amount of indigestion their programs give me.

See the TBN equivalent by "prophetess" Juanita Bynum:

You watching me in television land and you saying all I got is $900. But I hear the Lord saying "I double dare people that are watching me right now, this one is for you, I double dare you to empty your checking account. If you got $79.36, empty it out. Empty it out, at the voice of the prophet. If you got $736.19, if you're in the audience right now" - you all looking at me like I'm crazy, like I done went off. Oh, Jesus, if you got $79.36 I double dare you to write your last check and declare your back account empty, because God said something happens when you give Him his last. He multiplies when you give Him your last. - Nov. 7, 2003


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