Friday, February 09, 2007

Look Out Church - The Takeover is Near

An "Apostle" by the name of Mike McLung is warning us on the Elijah List:


This year, the Lord will begin to set His body, His leaders, and apostolic government in order. We must heed the Word of God and the voice of the Holy Spirit and come into proper alignment. We must begin to get "seated" in the middle of God's will for our lives, families, churches, and regions in order to prepare for the governmental order of the Lord to be established. The Kingdom of God is about to break-in upon us as we have never seen before. If we will make the necessary adjustments and realignments, we will see the glory of the Lord and receive divine strategy to mobilize the body of Christ.

...There are many ministers, ministries, and churches that are actually hindering the full revelation of the Lord and His purposes in the Church and in the earth. When He is revealed, true transformation begins, both inwardly and outwardly. There is a clarion call for the five-fold ministry and the body of Christ to come into proper order and submission, and to embrace the specific calling and mantle that each one of us has.
So the rest of us had better straighten up and get our act together, because a takeover is about to happen! I would assume those he speaks of who are hindering God are those who stand for biblical truth.

His apostolic friend C. Peter Wagner offered his opinion of those who stand for correct doctrine last Fall. His little tirade against theologians can be found about 2/3 down the page on the blog of Ministries Today. He writes, in part:

Goodbye, Theologians

Let's do away with the term “theologian." Why? The idea that certain members of the body of Christ are theologians while the rest are non-theologians is traditional thinking embedded in the old wineskins of the church. The theologians saw themselves as the elite guardians of the truth. Their assignment was to make sure that the doctrines espoused by the seminary remained pure and uncontaminated. In their minds, we missionaries did not have the skills which the theologians had developed, and consequently we were regarded as mere practitioners, not serious thinkers.

...We [in the New Apostolic Reformation] do not have an ecclesiastical office of theologian nor do we have recognized functional equivalents. We do not agree that an elite group of individuals who happen to have advanced academic degrees in theology should be recognized as our doctrinal police force.

...When I was teaching in seminary, I was coerced by the institution to refer certain matters to the theologians, which I of course did, but much to my personal grief. I began teaching signs and wonders and students began getting healed and delivered right in class. The theologians declared that it was inappropriate to heal the sick and cast out demons in a seminary classroom. They forced me to cancel the class for a time. Then I began teaching about territorial spirits and strategic-level spiritual warfare. This time I was called before the Faculty Senate to undergo a heresy trial. Fortunately for me I had been granted academic tenure years ago, and the theologians finally had to back down on the grounds of violating my academic freedom.

...Those of us attempting to receive the new wine in new wineskins will be better off if we say good bye to theologians.

C. Peter Wagner Wagner Leadership Institute Colorado Springs, Colorado
Yes, those who stand for doctrinal truth could really throw a wrench into the plans of people like Peter Wagner - that is, if the church as a whole was really interested in truth.


At February 09, 2007 5:12 PM, Blogger 318@NICE said...

He's right, let's get rid of all the theologians and lets all just interpret the Scriptures the way we want to and come up with all the foolishness that he does.



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