Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If There Be Dragons, Why Not a Flood?

On February 24th the History Channel is airing a special which speculates on the past existence of dragons. In their description of the show they write:

"Throughout history, dragons influenced wars, science, art, and religion. They appear in almost every culture and many still believe in dragons. How could different cultures, isolated by geology and millennia, all invent the same creature? If the dragon is simply the product of our imagination, how could distant peoples, with no knowledge of each other, all invent the same beast?"
Good question. But what I find interesting is that much of the secular world does not use the same logic when it comes to a worldwide flood. Instead, they say that because there are flood stories in every culture, that somehow discounts Noah's Flood - that the story was just handed down over the centuries and modified. Someone isn't using their head!


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