Monday, February 26, 2007

Epic Church Makes the News

The blogs "One Apostolic and Catholic Church" and "North Woods Seelsorger" have been talking about an LCMS church that has, to put it politely, gone off the deep end. Now Epic Church, as it is known, has made Fox News for its outrageous style:

A Lutheran pastor in suburban Detroit looking for creative ways to discuss sex with his congregants has some people hot and bothered with his most recent tactic.

Epic Church Pastor Tim Kade, 40, kicked off the first Sunday in Lent with a sermon entitled, “The Greatest Sex You’ll Ever Have.”

He plans to focus on sex — topics such as frustrations couples face in their relationships and how to talk to kids about sex — every Sunday through April 1 at his Hills, Mich., church. Some sermon titles include: "The Bedroom: Battleground or Playground” and “Porn: What's the Big Deal?”
You can read the rest of the story at the Fox link above. Time for a little church discipline!



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