Friday, December 15, 2006

...The More They Stay the Same

Some interesting information over at the Christian History Institute on early heresies and early apologists of the 2nd century:
While persecution continues intermittently from without, heresies pose major dangers from within and must be answered. Heresies include:

GNOSTICISM -- A kind of New Age movement that claimed special knowledge.

MARCIONISM -- An attempt to reduce the Scriptures--both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures -- to a few select books

MONTANISM -- A charismatic movement that got carried away with new revelations, prophecies, and judgmental attitudes toward other Christians.

• Apologists, or explainers of the faith, emerge to combat heresy and answer the church's opponents. Key apologists include Irenaeus and Justin Martyr.

Sure sounds like the new revelations and special knowledge so many of today's preachers and speakers are claiming to have, doesn't it? Sounds like those who downplay the intellect and emphasize feelings and predict civil wars breaking out between the two. You can rest assured that Irenaeus and Justin Martyr would not be welcome on the Trinity Broadcasting Network nor the Inspiration Network.


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