Monday, December 11, 2006

More on Rick Joyner

All of this is old news, but it will provide more background on Rick Joyner's past for those who don't know. Back in May of 1996 in his Morning Star Bulletin, Joyner prophesied:

On February 23rd of this year I was shown for the third time that the church was headed for a spiritual civil war. I was first given an impression of this in 1988. At the beginning of 1995 I saw it again in a dream, which I wrote down as The Hordes Of Hell, Part I. On February 23rd I was told that it was time to straightforwardly warn the church, and to begin preparing for this great war with the resolve to fight until there was a complete victory. The definition of a complete victory in this war would be the complete overthrow of the Accuser of the Brethren's strongholds in the church. Such a victory sounds like a good thing to fight for, but for a long time the battle to win such a victory will look like one of the greatest defeats that the church has ever suffered. The accuser will arise from some of the most unexpected places, and people. This will, in fact, be one of the most cruel battles the church has ever faced. Like every civil war, it will cause brother to turn against brother like we may have never witnessed in the church before.

.... At times Christians almost universally will be loath to even call themselves Christians. Believers and unbelievers alike will think that it is the end of Christianity as we know it, and it will be. Through this the very definition of Christianity will be changed, for the better.

....Many will use doctrinal differences or other issues as justification for their attacks on their brothers, but the real cause will be over a loss, or potential loss, of money. Big ministry can be big money. Because many churches and ministries are built with considerable debt, financial pressures can cause leaders to do things they would not otherwise do.

....There is a huge portion of the church which is held in bondage to the same religious spirit that manifested itself in the Pharisees, and it will attack any new movement that arises in the church. The more anointed a new movement is, the more these traditionalists will be threatened by it, and the more vehemently they will attack it.

....Like the American Civil War, the coming spiritual civil war will also be between the Blue and the Grey. In dreams and visions blue often represents heavenly — mindedness — the sky is blue — and the grey speaks of those who live by the power of their own minds — the brain is often called the grey matter. This will be a conflict between those who may be genuine Christians, but who live mostly according to their natural minds and human wisdom, and those who follow the Holy Spirit.

....After this great spiritual civil war, there will no longer be a white church and a black church. Neither will many of the present distinguishing characteristics that categorize Christians into groups continue to exist. There will be an entirely new definition of Christianity, which the Lord Jesus Himself has already written. The world will know us by our love.


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