Sunday, December 24, 2006

Did You Hear The One About....

...Bill Gates? Seems that if you forward a certain e-mail to all your friends, Microsoft will pay you $245!! For every person your friends forward the message to, you'll get paid $243!! And so on. How to you know it's not a scam? Because the e-mail promising this comes from a lawyer who tried it and made over $4,000!

I've lost track of how many of these e-mails I or my wife have received! And this one came from a member of our church who should know better.

Another person in our church attends as a "faithful" Lutheran but will also go to Rick Joyner's church (see previous posts on Joyner). Makes me wonder what else these two people would believe and how quickly they might abandon Christ if a convincing offer came along.

It would seem that too many people don't believe in using their brains anymore. Now, to answer that letter from the Nigerian princess....


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