Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Break Out the Wine

Prophet Chuck Pierce is saying today what "prophets" have been echoing now for well over a decade - warnings about new wine and old wineskins:


...With this being The Year of the Sword, we will see the Word become a reality in the earth realm in a new way. The Lord is developing a people who will represent His Word with great maturity and authority.

...You will have Divine Warnings this year. Be willing to change courses so you can protect that which Heaven is bringing forth on your behalf. Heed your dreams, warnings, checks in your spirit, and the still, small Voice telling you which way to go!

...The prayer movement will change this year! We will move from being praying intercessors, to apostolic, decreeing watchmen. Apostles will become those watching for strategies to unlock harvest fields.

...I see this as the year the Spirit of God will test and qualify many apostles and prophets who will lead His Kingdom plan in the earth realm in the next 10 years. Apostles must be rightly connected with prophets and process revelation that is being released from the Throne Room. The prophetic anointing will grow and be unlocked in new ways this year. There is much revelation stored in your bone marrow that the Word of the Lord will pierce and release for many to profit from. Leaders who are unwilling to receive revelation of God's present truth and methods will clash with those in their own networks and attempt to persecute the rising apostolic, prophetic generation.
There is the bottom line: if you dare oppose the apostolic movement led by people like C. Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Kim Clement, etc., you are opposing God's present truth - as opposed to the old dusty, outdated truth of Scripture, I guess. Ya gotta be in on the latest and greatest that God is doing, ya know?


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