Friday, November 17, 2006

Justifying an Ungodly Ministry

In Kim Clement's November newsletter he writes:

Raising this generation are New Testament prophets like Kim Clement. So why can the traditional church not accept them? Why all the conflict/criticism? Simple, even Jesus Christ the Son of God was unaccepted. ("A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own country, and among his own people!") But why are they unaccepted? Religion blinds the eyes and hearts of men.
Of course, using this claim, any false teacher can justify his own ministry, even if it's unbiblical. By calling the rest of the church Pharisees, they develop a cult following, drawing those who want to feel special and want to believe that they are among the few - like those in Jesus' day - who recognize someone sent by God.

But like Jesus Christ, the prophets of the New Millenium are bringing a message of hope to the lost and dying generation of this world....And the message of the prophet of today is no longer the pointed finger of condemnation, but the extended hand of hope....But once again, religion seeks to rear its ugly head in the guise of so called 'watchmen' (or should I say 'watchdogs'?) and doesn't the Bible speak of dogs who used religious doctrinal arguments seek to tear down the ministry of the prophetic office...?
Hey, hey, hey! I thought you said the prophet wouldn't be condemning???? I wonder who those dogs could be? Apologists, perhaps? Those who defend the faith, as Scripture urges all to do? Don't you just hate those "religious doctrinal arguments" - translation, the Scriptures!!?? Bugs me to death, those purists!

God was, even back then [Old Testament], in the business of doing things differently!...So forget your preconceived notions of the prophetic...
...Like prophets prophesying accurately. That's so Old Testament!! Get with it man! Embrace the new!...and end up one day hanging your head in shame before Jesus Christ for not listening to His warnings about false prophets.


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