Thursday, November 02, 2006

How To Be A Successful False Prophet 101

This year Kim Clement has given us a lesson on how to prophesy falsely and yet remain a success. On January 16, 2006 Clement issued this prophecy about a new source of energy coming to the U.S.:

Let it be known to you, says the Spirit of God, even as you have gathered together tonight and I have promised this Nation multiplication to where the deficit shall be cleared because of a new source of energy that is coming, that shall come forth very rapidly in the next few months, says the Lord. And I will take men and women that have been waiting and sowing and I will cause them to become millionaires and billionaires in very short periods of time.

In June 2006, as I reported in a previous blog, Clement got more specific on an Elijah List prophecy:

And God says, "Look, I'm giving you a new source of energy that's coming to this Nation. It's very soon that it's going to be discovered." And the Spirit of God says, "I want My people to invest. You will see it appearing by the month of September and October, and you'll say, 'There it is.'" And God says, "Take your money and put it in, for surely the new source of energy will bring billions of dollars within a two-year period upon those that invest in the 'Big E.'" For God says, "Don't you understand that this is something that Einstein saw and will become a practicality and a fact. Listen to Me. You are being setup to become billionaires for My Kingdom

WOW! Exciting stuff! Trouble is, it's now November and that new source of energy hasn't been revealed yet!

What is a prophet to do???

"I know, I'm going to count on the short memory span of my dumb sheep, and revise my prophecy."

So on October 21, 2006 in Huntsville, Texas, prophet Kim proclaims:

I am going to make a declaration tonight that there is no power that can make a prognosis as deadly as "there shall be no United States of America, there shall be no living creature in this land." They have said this. But now I shall arise, says the Lord, and your economy shall be greatly boosted. For the discovery of oil shall continue in the land of the living, the brave, the free. For God says, hear this: Until the new source of energy is released and discovered which is soon, I will give you remarkable breakthroughs in the soil and in the earth. And people shall say, "what has happened in Israel, why is there suddenly so much oil?" Because this Nation to be rid of the pests and to be rid of those that have made you look to them for your source of energy. That day is coming to an end. 2007 you shall say, the fall, the fall, the fall has brought about the energy that we need and then the race shall swiftly be changed in favor of the people of the Living God in this Nation, says the Lord!

Now the date for this great discovery has been changed to 2007, and a case can be made from the wording of this prophecy that is will be, once again, in the Fall - of 2007, not 2006! Stay tuned to this blog for "How To Be A Successful False Prophet 201" - just as soon as Kim writes the lesson for us!


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