Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All Those Healers, Not One Miracle

From the Associated Press:

(S.C.) Gov. Mark Sanford burned his eyes under the bright stage lights at a groundbreaking ceremony and had to sit out the last day of the campaign, his wife said Monday. Sanford, a Republican seeking re-election, was taking eye drops and wearing temporary contact lenses to treat the discomfort, Jenny Sanford said. He suffered the injury Sunday and went to the doctor in the morning."I can attest that he was in great pain last night," his wife said. "He's feeling better now."Extremely bright light can dry out the surface of the eye and cause the equivalent of a sunburn on the cornea, said Steve Masone, president-elect of the South Carolina Optometric Association. The cornea usually recovers, though a severe burn can be permanent, he said.The groundbreaking was for a new headquarters for Inspiration Networks, a Christian TV network. Evangelists Pat Robertson and Rex Humbard spoke during the roughly two-hour program, and Humbard wore sunglasses. Regular studio lighting was used for the live broadcast, said John Roos, a network spokesman. (AP, Nov. 7, 2006)

Should have never happened with all those miracle workers there!


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