Friday, October 06, 2006

Words of Enouragement from Prophet Kim

I post these prophetic words from false prophet Kim Clement, full of great news, with the full knowledge that either he or I will have to eat our words in 26 days! I prophesy that it will be him.

The month of October has been set aside for various unusual miracles....when the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom steps down I will fully release the new source of energy to the United States of America....The spirit of God says that I declare that the month of October be another unusual month. There will be many things for I opened up the heavens for my prophet saw it. He sang it, open up the heavens. The heavens were opened and God says there were keys that were released. For the month of October such victories, victories that are sweet, sweet to the taste. (Detroit, September 22, 2006)

The month of October will be a month of unusual breakthroughs. What you are not able to touch and take will be taken easily. Spoil has been set before you. Your enemies have run in seven different directions. Now the weak shall be strong. Now the poor shall be rich. The sick shall be healed. The Spirit of God says I'm consuming the enemies of the people of God. The tumors, the growths, the things that doctors can not heal... (Detroit, September 23, 2006)

There is a Word in the atmosphere from God. There is a very unusual prosperity that is coming to the body of Christ, not to the earth, to the body of Christ. God says in this next great move of the Spirit the blessing of finances and material things are going to be captured by the Church first. God is raising up and preparing people for a tremendous harvest. The season of multiplication has definitely come upon us. Your life will never be the same. Changes that are going to take place in the month of October. You will see things happen that you did not believe would happen they are going to begin to take place in October. (Detroit, September 24, 2006)

I'm going to be very disappointed with Kim Clement on November 1st if I'm not in perfect health and driving a new Hummer.


At October 06, 2006 9:16 AM, Blogger Der Bettler said...

For the month of October such victories, victories that are sweet, sweet to the taste.

Does this mean the Cardinals will win the World Series? That would, after all require divine intervention. This stuff would be funnier if no one listened to him.

Keep it coming; we need to be reminded of why we care about proper teaching.

At October 20, 2006 9:19 PM, Blogger The Heresy Hunter said...

Kim might be on to something - the Cardinals have made it to the World Series.

At October 24, 2006 7:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blessings to you, Kim...we need MORE, MORE, MORE Prophets like you!!...JESUS IS LORD.......

At October 24, 2006 7:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim: Blessed be to you who comes in the name of the Lord. Keep 'em coming.


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