Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Nuclear Korea? Not to Worry!

The Elijah List to the rescue again! Prophet Dennis Kramer writes:

The entire world is currently reading about the developments in North Korea. Below is an excerpt taken by the book I wrote in October of 1997 about this situation. This prophecy for North and South Korea is on page 115, from my book The Next 100 Years.


"As the threat of a nuclear exchange lingers over the land, North and South Korea will unite quickly and quietly--almost in a single day! It will be a marriage made in Heaven!

A United Korea

Christianity will flourish as an unexplainable calm settles over this war-torn land.

Western prophets will play an important role in laying the foundations of this new unified Korean church.

Western aid will come from both secular governments and from the universal church.

The curse of communism will be lifted off the land. As a result, crop production will soar, providing Korea with some of the highest farming yields in all of Asia.
Kim Clement is saying the same thing, and thus it must be so.


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