Saturday, October 14, 2006

How to Delay Christ's Second Coming

We Christians apparently have a lot more power over God than most of us realize. Houston evangelist K. A. Paul, an occasional guest on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, announced the other day that "Republicans have delayed the second coming of Jesus." (U. S. Newswire, October 7, 2006)

Curse those Republicans - because of them I've got to go ahead and pay my bills this month!

Paul also managed to worm his way into the home of House Speaker Dennis Hastert this week. According to the Chicago Sun Times,

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, with his job on the line because of the spiraling Mark Foley cyberspace page sex scandal, was duped Tuesday into letting a stranger into his Plano home -- a serious security breach.

Hastert literally let his guard down and allowed in his house a hustling, self-promoting evangelist little known in this country, the Houston-based K.A. Paul, who at 7:30 a.m. arrived at the speaker's home with a camera-wielding associate.

How Paul and his aide, Dennis Ryan, got to Hastert's door is a tale of apparent chance. How the publicity-hungry Paul and Ryan walked through it was a matter of a "frank discussion" later in the day with the federal security detail assigned to Hastert around the clock.

...Hastert was led to believe he was meeting with a supporter. He was surprised to find out otherwise, the Sun-Times has learned. Paul said he asked Hastert to resign. He also said he prayed with the speaker and "laid hands" on him after a 40-minute meeting.

K. A. Paul certainly doesn't have to worm his way onto the set of the Trinity Broadcasting Network though.


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