Friday, September 15, 2006

Kim's Words of Wisdom

We have some new "words of wisdom" from my favourite false profit - I mean, prophet - Kim Clement, whose prophetic accuracy rate remains at 100% - wrong, that is. From his website:
"Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s. A cure is rapidly coming to you says the Spirit of God." (Colleyville, TX, August 7, 2006)
Great!! Wonderful!! And the way you so accurately predicted a cure for AIDS by 2002 (Praise the Lord, December 26, 2000) and prophesied Osama bin Laden's capture by Easter of 2004 (Praise the Lord, January 12, 2004) I just KNOW Alzhimer's days are numbered!
"Hezbollah has been the talk of the town and they say that they are greater than Al-Qaeda. God said Ha. What is this that would come before me, once again and show the strength of its arm, show the strength of its legs? God says there are two leaders that will die simultaneously. It is not the way that I want it but the spirit says stubbornness of men are bringing Israel once again to a place of shame and this is not good. For I will not allow the injustice says the Lord. And they say they are in this nation, I said to you in the summer of this year and during the summer months through November I will pluck out every terrorist organization in this nation to bring you to peace says the Lord. Yes I will. God says watch it, in two short weeks everything will be cleared up." (Colleyville, TX, August 7, 2006)
Cousin Kim, the cease-fire was August 14th and I assume you think Hezbollah is out of business, so your prophecy came true!! I knew it would! Just one catch, though - you didn't publish this prophecy on your web site until yesterday. Oops! I still believe in you, though.

"Word of prophesy to pastor and his family ... You have been set aside for a nation that is presently under tremendous strain where they are saying, he might die, but his brother, his brother will take over. His brother will only be there for a short while and his brother shall have an experience with Christ and Cuba shall be opened as its never been opened before says the spirit of god. For a move of my Spirit shall take place and you will have your hand on it." (Colleyville, TX, August 8, 2006)
So you think rumors are going to fly that Fidel Castro might die and Raul will take over and convert to Christianity! But, Kim, you gave this prophecy August 8th and Raul took over August 1st!!! Haven't you read the newspapers? Still waiting for that conversion.
"Let the chaos not continue for God says, spirits of darkness have taken this region and it is announced tonight by the prophet that every psychic power shall be destroyed, shall be broken, says the Lord! It shall be destroyed, it shall be destroyed! The influence that has been selected to go on to Larry King and those that would take and enhance the voice of nothing - God says, it is replaced by the Word of the Lord in the prophet! So shall it be, says the Spirit of the Lord." (Secrets Hollywood, August 20, 2006)
What a shame - I thought Hollywood's psychics were a tad more accurate than Kim.


At October 15, 2006 8:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You shouldn't believe in the prophets of the Bible. Alot of them have not come true yet so they are false Prophets. Why don't you go thru all those prophecies and tell all the world who are the false ones that thier prophecies haven't come true. How do you explain the Bible on the end times when your men and women shall have visions, dreams and prophecy. Are you going to say now that GOD is a liar and a false prophet??? I'm waiting!!!!!


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