Monday, July 31, 2006

Christian Curses?

One problem with the North American brand of Christianity is that it constantly has to re-invent itself to keep Christians interested. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is no longer sufficient in today's modern society. One of the latest inventions? - Christian curses.

The "prophetic" Elijah List is currently promoting a book called "Breaking Christian Curses" by Dennis Cramer. It advertizes itself thusly:

Is everything you do a spiritual struggle?

Does a dark spiritual cloud seem to constantly hang over your life?

Are you trapped by feelings of abandonment and betrayal?

Does severe hopelessness and chronic loneliness keep you paralyzed in debilitating despair?

Are you immobilized by self-doubt and a persistent sense of overwhelming inferiority?

You may actually be cursed! Don't worry. You are not alone.

In this startling, factual, real-life expose, Dennis Cramer details his 13-year battle with a "christian" curse and how God not only miraculously exposed the source of the curse, but dramatically delivered him from its devastating effects. God will do the same for you!

Could you be a victim of spiritual abuse? It's time to find out. Your enemy might not be a witch or warlock! It could be a misguided believer!

Funny, but I don't recall Scripture ever warning us to beware of curses from Christians. No doubt that little detail won't bother those caught up in today's shallow brand of Christianity.


At August 01, 2006 12:44 PM, Blogger Whey Lay said...

The questions that are advertised by the book can be summed up easily for those who recognize it. It's sin, the original and only curse. Of course people experiance all these feelings to some degree or another (great marketing hook), we're all fallen and seperated from God, save for the blood of Christ. But the simple proclamation of the Gospel isn't enough for American Christians. I don't follow or read much of the pop christian books and speakers, but what little I have noticed is already tiresome, it's always something new or undisclosed that Christians must know or do. Little wonder so many become overwhelmed and fall away by such changing and developing ideas that they are told is neccasary for their faith.


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