Monday, March 20, 2006

Official Islam a Harmless Religion?

Anyone who thinks Islam is just another religion that means no harm needs to read this story about Christian convert Abdul Rahman:

Afghan Man Faces Death for Allegedly Converting to Christianity


KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan man who allegedly converted from Islam to Christianity is being prosecuted in a Kabul court and could be sentenced to death, a judge said Sunday...."We are not against any particular religion in the world. But in Afghanistan, this sort of thing is against the law," the judge said. "It is an attack on Islam. ... The prosecutor is asking for the death penalty."

By the way, where are the Islamic clerics in all of this? I haven't heard or read on the internet even one cleric condemning the trial of Abdul Raham.


At March 26, 2006 10:11 PM, Blogger Lone Ranger said...

The charges have been dropped on "lack of evidence." But I don't give this guy much of a chance on the street. His own parents turned him in! It wouldn't surprise me if his own mother slit his throat in his sleep. But, it is true that the penalty for leaving Islam is death. This 7th century religion won't fit into the 20th century until people are allow to leave, and more importantly, people can be kicked out for being bloodthirsty terrorists. Moderate Muslims? Where are they?


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